Gnotaras: and thats why.

Wethern: Ipstenu stepped on my foot and i’m mad.

Theeman: Ipstenu: that does not make it less invalid

Madaffari: Gnotaras: It’s totally valid. It is his opinion of your product.

Reaume: It’s incomplete and unfair, but it’s valid.

Wethern: Gnotaras: your reaction is what the problem was. everything else is invalid.

Diwan: Ipstenu: is it the user’s opinion to accuse me because he did not bother to configure the plugin and he expected it to figure out by itself which page he wanted to exclude from being cached?

Fiveash: Gnotaras: the problem is the reaction to an baseless accusation. All you simply had to do was reply with why, technically, he was wrong AND how your plugin can’t be held liable for loss revenue and move along.

Wethern: Basically you’re saying you should be able to act, without consequence, to any bad review or comment.

Elsasser: Gnotaras: It’s his opinion to give you 1 star based on his experience.

Wethern: I thought you were meaning “this is not an onion”

Ambrogi: LindsayM_: not really sure I understand why we have to show such understanding to clueless users

Wethern: You’re getting mad now

Polikoff: Gnotaras: its not understanding. you’re not patting the person on the back for being an idiot

Wethern: You lied to us when you said you’re always polite. :

Wethern: Gnotaras, If i say “F YOU GNOTARAS YOUR PLUGIN SUX”

Meetze: Gnotaras: gnotaras: seriously though. the value of the review system is that the creator/ plugin dev is allowed to reply. This allows people who are reading user-submitted reviews to decide how valid the review actually is

Bodenhamer: Wethern: i can accept that

Rensch: He delete his review, mind you.

Strassner: Wethern: but if you say that my plugin caused you profit loss because you expected it to automagically configure itself, then . well

Hegge: Gnotaras: so if users are reading reviews and see 80 5 star reviews and 3 1 star reviews and each of those 1 star reviews have a response from you that explain why their use of the plugin was simply wrong, the person reviewing your plugin would likely rule in favor of your plugin as a good plugin

Wethern: Gnotaras, if i say something and i’m a complete IDIOT. then so be it

Byrn: Gnotaras: now when you respond angrily, you dont do yourself anyfavors

Wethern: Doesn’t give you the right to be an angry douche

Storino: Devs have rights as well

Wethern: You’re the plugin author. you’re making your entire project look awful. if i see gnotaras on a plugin i won’t prob d/l it now kidding

Wethern: Now we’re talking about rights?

Laios: Gnotaras: yea. You have the right to respond

Irving: Gnotaras: thats the entire purpose of the response feature in review systems

Friehauf: How do you remove plugin dropdown buttons from the navbar on wordpress? Sometimes a plugin is installed and goes right up instead of the left sidebar.

Mcelmury: There are rights and opinions and facts and fairness.

Rowlison: Gnotaras: the same goes for things like the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

Labuda: And every other review system

Borthwick: You have the right to leave a one star review based on your experiences.

Krawczyk: You have the right to express your opinion of a product based on your understanding of it.

Clolinger: You may get the facts wrong and be wrong, of course.

Wethern: People try to say “SLANDER! SUE SUE!” but really, there’s a big line between slander and free speech

Offermann: And being unfair is not a reason to delete a review.

Sposato: I have no problem with one star reviews. it’s the invalid reviews that i have a problem with. And it’s not me. It’s them being problematic.

Beaudet: Gnotaras: and thats why ALL you have to do is reply with how and why they’re invalid