Gnotaras: Honestly. I don’t.

Wethern: Gnotaras, you seriously need your priorities readjusted

Broering: Gnotaras: the people reading the negative reviews will see that and move on

Wethern: And with that, i think this convo should end right here

Meissner: Gnotaras: What is it you want? I’m serious. I’m kinda punchy from lack of sleep the last week so I’mnot sure :

Knuckles: Gnotaras: that is all

Kugler: Falconi: Nah, this is okay.

Parrow: I thought he’d around to ask my question

Thenhaus: Ipstenu: what exactly happens with my wordpress org account. Can you tell me please? Msg me in private window if needed.

Jernstrom: Falconi: Removing plugin dropdown menus from the admin bar? You have to edit the plugin if there’s no option for it.

Wethern: Gnotaras, she told you already. 24 hour ban

Wethern: Sorry. “cool down” period

Duchow: Opsec: Good thing you did not hold your breath

Auerswald: Gnotaras: Edwin much We approve all your posts manually for 24 hours, and then tomorrow we go “Oh he’s calmed down, cool,” and uncheck a box.

Frankenberry: Going to nap while the studio is empty.

Shiels: I’m already caplmed down

Staniszewski: My company blog used to only display post summaries on the home page. Now it displays the full post.

Wethern: Gnotaras, a person in your situation would say that dude. jsut get over it

Brugnoli: Gnotaras: And yet, history has shown us that letting it ride for a day won’t hurt anyone :

Nordeen: Damoncasale: settings — reading

Stanek: Gnotaras: you should go take a nap too.

Wethern: Go make a post and i bet Ipstenu will approve it right now!

Doser: I went to settings – reading and set that, but it didn’t do anything.

Bartunek: Gnotaras: or have a snickers.

Gondola: It’s set to post summaries right now, not working.

Smitreski: A break is good. I’m a huge fan of remembering my life outside of WP.

Wethern: Eat a snickers, then run while snickering

Corrigeux: Seriously though. i am ACTUALLY going to go nap

Kagawa: Be back in 10. powernap!

Dempsey: Anyone know why my blog is displaying full posts even though I’ve told it not to?

Cyprian: Damoncasale: Did you change themes?

Smitz: Damoncasale, “used to”, something changed between then and now. Figure out what that is, and you’re golden

Lotz: I do have a child theme, tho.

Brite: I’m gonna read 1-star reviews :

Solies: And “used to” is according to the QA person. Dunno how long ago “used to” actually is.

Nebgen: Gnotaras: I can find you some of the hatemail I get over in plugins for closing people’s stuff, if you want. They get pretty nasty :

Rumbold: Where would I look in the WP code to find where it’s supposed to display posts or summaries?

Hoffee: Damoncasale: Well . that ****s. It’ll be in the theme.

Smitz: Damoncasale, have you tried temporarily switching to the parent theme, and seeing if that works?

Stjean: Hi. I’m building my woocommerce theme. I’m overriding the templates using this method:***ent/template-structure/ yet some pages link my account insists in getting the sidebar placed in pages.php! can some one help?

Surrette: Ipstenu: after that I’ll be getting a perm ban :

Wethern: Horacsio, try #woocommerce first

Wethern: There’s so much i want to say about what you said but i’m exhausted now lol

Flemmings: Wethern thats dead 😀

Wethern: Remember what i said about woocommerce.php ?

Ahrens: Gnotaras: Honestly. I don’t enjoy any of it. I’d love it if everyone was polite and left thoughtful reviews on products and respected everyone’s time and effort.