If everyone reacted the way.

Wethern: Jstransky, make the data “disappear” but still be in the database

Layfield: Dump all the data, and create new terms with the new name

Wethern: And you’ll lose all your relationships from posts to taxonomies

Deneen: Hello. it seems that someone possibly jdembowski has suspended my account in the wordpress.org forums and i’m not really sure what the reason is.

Sluter: Could someone check please?

Wethern: Gnotaras, were you trolling? spamming?

Mayville: Wethern: because I’ve been having a discussion with him and closed a topic of mine

Wethern: Did you talk bad about jdembowski’s mom?

Hookfin: Gnotaras: What’s your ID?

Wethern: Not according to jdembowski

Wethern: The truth is about to come out. tell us what he did Ipstenu ;

Hannum: I was just commenting on a mod stance in a situation

Avina: Ah, yeah, no that would not be what I would call polite.

Kawai: Ipstenu: what do you mean?

Margheim: No I had posted this months ago.

Wethern: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/about-users-accusing-developers-for-damages-and-mod-responses

Libertini: Not this one: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/crashing-site-php-warning-cannot-modify-header-information?replies=8#post-7438068

Wethern: What an eventful day.

Zezima: That was 10 hours ago, and honestly, you got tagged for moderation becuase we felt you were angry to the point of harming your relationship with WP and wanted to let you cool down.

Wissel: You sound, in those posts and the others, very angry and accusatory, which we felt were just situational. So instead of blocking you, we gave you a traditional 24 hour cool down period.

Layfield: Not exactly polite :p

Barbot: I was just trying to have a discussion about a mod’s response

Leigland: I get that, but other than Jan and now me saying than Andrew’s reply was fine, what do you want us to say?

Trytten: The OP who left the review was not polite but he’s entitled to his opinion. Historically we don’t delete those reviews unless someone starts posting personal attacks. And even then we usually just edit out that stuff.

Wethern: Gnotaras, sounds like they were helping you out to prevent you from being permbanned

Wethern: So now’s when you say “i’m sorry Ipstenu” and wait 24 hour :

Doelling: Pretty much, yeah. We don’t want to bad people who are helpful and cool :

Umstead: Everyone everyone has a bad day. Jan kicked me off the forums once for a couple days.

Cuozzo: Wethern: if I was perm banned about this, then what should happen with the user who accused me for revenue loss because he was too ignorant to configure a plugin of mine? Is this acceptable?

Wethern: Gnotaras, if you get mad about what people post online then you have other issues to address :

Hunderlach: The mod clearly took sides and almost defended the clueless user

Flot: Wethern: things are simple, but not that simple

Wethern: Gnotaras, well the user accused you, and you flipepd out. there’s a difference.

Segreto: Are the best WP themes the ones that are the fanciest or just the ones with the most options?

Wethern: If i rear-end you on the highway, and you get out and bash my face in and break my windows. what now?

Wethern: You go to jail — but what about me, who hit you ?

Bruner: An invalid review in which the user makes false claims about the dev’s responsibility for his revenue losses is an important thing

Wethern: Gnotaras, you know how many bad reviews are online?

Wethern: Trolls? lies? you’re allowing them to have too much control over you

Cornette: Gnotaras: It’s a review made out of a lack of desire to understand and a deep seated want to complain vs fix.

Wethern: If everyone reacted the way you did to every bad review. we’d be in trouble.