Filipovich: is this the.

Voelz: It appears i have instlaled it correctly

Kreese: But when i go to it doesnt setup

Sadar: I made me a private responsive web dev kit I use for myself yammycoding, so I guess yes it’s possible. I’ve used it on about 10 sites and they all look different. I always notice patterns things I end up doing every time I make a site, so I just have them pre-finished

Dollyhigh: ScoDal that’s what i was looking for somehow

Landford: There’s still a lot of work involved using mine yammycoding, and not sure if my code would make any sense to someone else but it works for me

Daidone: Not really much different than using a free theme out there and re-working it yammycoding

Rezek: Have u searched for free resposive themes? theres tons

Kretschmann: Not yet. i was more like of having more knowledge of what the codes are doing. hacking into ready templates seems a shot in the dark

Mitrani: Was thinking more of a basic framework to save time for the repetitive stuff and code on top of it

Basgall: Can anybody point me in the right direction, i have extracted the wp installation folder into my parent directory of my website under the public_html using Cpanel and filezilla ftp , i have setup the config file ect following that 5 minute guide on the wp website

Janise: I felt the same way yammycoding

Toline: So many little things doing it by hand that were extrmely beneficial, like learning how to register your own Menus and Widgets

Puleo: And adding custom loops on any page

Comins: I love talking wordpress you can hit me up any time private, I’m ScoDal on everything, including hangouts

Savaria: I see a bromance forming.

Bonsall: Yea lol see scodal everywhere

Robideau: Oh haha woops opsec/yammycoding

Hardie: Devsys- since you’re running your own server, try enable rewrite logging. you’ll see what rules are being applied and where they come from. google for the appropriate directives etc for your server and version.

Filipovich: PROBLEM: Adding a new user to a site creates a user with ID 0. The database is OK. AFAICT, the site is not hacked. WP_DEBUG enabled and showing no errors when adding a user. Ideas?

Jenkinson: User table has autoincrement on ID field?

Filipovich: Mr_Pancake: let me compare it to a known good site

Funn: Filipovich, how do i using wp_query get a specific post?

Alven: Dopie:***_Reference/WP_Query

Filipovich: Dopie: if you’re looking at the codex, what’s your question. How do I get a single post by WHAT INDICATOR?

Zamparini: Filipovich: well, you could always run diff on sources of site next to clean wp install

Filipovich: And, of course, this site is at GoDaddy P:-

Hacopian: Filipovich: does it do it for every single user added? Or just one Like if you add one and it has an ID 0, what happens when you add another?

Galarneau: Filipovich: and is this add user via dashboard?

Filipovich: Via the dashboard. hang on

Gurganus: Im trying to override a parent theme function and something is going wrong

Filipovich: Both get added as “0” with a return to wp-admin/users.php?id=0 althought the 2nd one doesn’t really get added.

Rathmann: Filipovich: are you using a backup from backup buddy or similar?

Weist: What if you insert row to user table manually?

Belken: Heres what Ive done for now

Filipovich: Nope, working on the live site! They asked me to take it over. I did a backup, then tried to add myself as a user.

Marsteller: Filipovich: is the database still ok? like auto_increment set right, user being added there and so on or is the error returned before the insert process?

Booten: Filipovich: is this the first time they’ve tried to add a new user to theyr system since the site was launched?