Bahr: that shiz happens.

Fetrow: Filipovich: it seems to be a common issue with sites migrated with backup buddy

Filipovich: Wait. debug.log is populated now; let me download it

Wissler: If they have neer added new users since, they would never know

Savaria: Filipovich: edit wp-config.php – define’WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true; then visit –

Filipovich: I optimized/checked/repaired from phpmyadmin; all tables check out OK

Filipovich: Debug.log is red herring. just a lot of depdrecated functions in the theme I’m about to remove. OK, opsec, hang on.

Dishon: If I am changing the domain name on a site merging 1 WordPress into another, really and wanted to know if i should ever update the GUID from the wp_posts table?

Radden: I know says never to do it b/c it’s related to my question is if I change/merge domain names, would i need to update this?

Mummert: Daspence: merging one site into another? explain please

Filipovich: Opsec — says all tables are OK. let me try adding auser again

Savaria: I like the video of the guy who tried to light a spider on fire at the gas station. set the whole place ablaze

Licklider: My domain expired, so I’m taking that WordPress installation it has a handful of posts at the most and importing the tables into another WordPress installation using

Burgner: Mysql INSERT INTO wpdb2.table SELECT * FROM wpdb1.table;

Beutler: Daspence: terrible idea

Dynes: Daspence: you can export / import this kind of data via tools in the backend admin, is way more save than doing the queries by your own

Savaria: Nevermind, conduct your backyard abortion unhindered.

Filipovich: Opsec: nope. new user added as ID 0

Hosterman: Hello. A few months ago I was able to use a plugin that allowed me to login to blogger, and migrate posts to my wordpress install. There is a blogger import plugin installed, but it seems to only allow me to upload an xml fil?

Savaria: Filipovich: plugins enabled? functions.php mess?

Davino: Bu***and: opsec: could my original question be answered in regards to the GUID when updating a domain on a WordPress site?

Spatafore: Daspence: kinda funny, I did a site called audio1web

Filipovich: Opsec: I think I’m going to copy this to a dev server before messing around any more.

Savaria: Filipovich: good idea.

Piehler: Daspence: you know WP has a content export tool. just export the content and import it

Savaria: Filipovich: start by disabling all plugins.

Filipovich: Plus a funky out of date theme

Savaria: Yea, get that out of the mix too

Savaria: Daspence: i’m seriously uninterested in whatever you’re doing with mysql tables. like operating on your car engine when all you need is gasoline.

Filipovich: Ok, dopie, still got a question?

Trauth: Basically this: wordpress/tutorials/permalink-seo-migration/"> but I seem to only get an “upload xml” page

Funn: Filipovich, nope : thank you

Deardorff: Hello. Is there any web platform that supports wordpress installations? I’m running Debian OS

Funn: Post__in works perfectly

Bahr: Daspence came in here and said “i know the docs say not to do this but. can i do it?”

Savaria: Boyer:

Bahr: Then actually came back around and asked again hhaha

Fluetsch: Opsec: I’m just asking, I got the idea if there’s like any kind of web platform that let the users install a wordpress installations right away from the browser window

Pinilla: Bahr: welcome to #wordpress

Savaria: Bahr: because those dead set on doing stupid things will find a way to do them, just to spite you.

Hammeren: Bahr: that shiz happens here daily