I have followed the 5.

Rolan: Devsys- ensure that wordpress has write permissions to its docroot. if you’re installing wordpress in a subdirectory, the .htaccess file might be in the wrong place.

Titcomb: Personally I hate using pre-made downloaded themes yammycoding, I spend more time getting in the developers head than just doing it from scratch. but that’s just me

Casparian: StrixUK1: I was suspecting the same, I’ll check the parent folder, I know it has write to .htaccess itself

Nesbeth: Do they follow some basic code starter to make those complicated themes?

Pachla: I have no idea yammycoding, I suspect they just understand how wordpress works and know how to plop the content inside their creation, everyone probably has their preferred method but we all get to the same end result

Mancilla: StrixUK1: It’s not in a sub directory btw, and .htaccess has 775 permissions

Filipovich: Yammycoding: http://underscores.me

Noyola: Devsys- if you’re sharing the same vhost across several applications, you might have some weird interactions going on between .htaccess rewrite rules.

Hoggins: Either way, the problem is that your server isn’t applying rewrite rules correctly.

Beggs: I’ve been asked to make a conversion, not sure if I should start from scratch or use some basic starter kit

Arjune: Also the guy is a friend who payd 150 dolars to a guy who took the money and disappeared

Snowden: Thanks strixUK1 I’ll check it out

Saether: If I take it i must complete it more for a case of honor to rescue the webdesigner cl***, than money

Podsiad: Okay, what about owner/group vs. uid/gid of the user executing the PHP? what sort of SAPI are you using? suexec, suPHP, mod_php, or php-fpm?

Vanderwood: Oh now there’s a thought

Winkles: Devsys- if mod_php is enabled, WP could be executing as the web server rather than as the user it should be. but i can’t imagine that such an elementary mistake would be made in any commercially hosted server.

Hillstrom: I dont get those dishonest coders who say they can do stuff, take money and vanish. this is so bad for we who work serious

Duane: Yammycoding: we’ve been stung by that before

Tweet: StrixUK1: It’s my own box, apache runs as www-data

Mcginister: It results nobody believing in web devs out there :/

Odonal: Www-data has rwx on the .htaccess file

Burgie: And we’ve tried advertising on the likes of elance, but my god, the people who reply don’t damn well read the job description, or else they quote absurdly long hours perhaps to make up for artificially low hourly rates

Stuckemeyer: If i take job, can’t do it, i do return money back not before finding someone who can end it for the guy. that’s the least i can do.

Homesley: Devsys- ah okay, so is wordpress‘s filesystem owned by www-data?

Funn: Filipovich, got it working :

Filipovich: Good. i’m busy right now

Rund: And like. If you guys have a new theme, do you have any starter kit for responsive themes? if that even exists

Filipovich: Got a site that will not let me add a user

Savaria: Whatever you do, when something isn’t working as expected, never, ever, ever look in error logs, too much useful info in there. takes away from the sport of the hunt.

Filipovich: Yammycoding: I gave you underscores.

Hellweg: StrixUK1: yep I’ll just have to keep poking around. My apache error log is clean so no hints there

Deininger: Ah nice i’ll take a look : thanks

Filipovich: Http://underscores.me

Bedolla: Hope you can help me out with a wp installation

Filipovich: Interesting. the user I added is in the wp_users table but with a funky ID 0

Spradley: Feign: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Tuukanen: I have followed the 5 minute guide and set everything up, and now have my filezilla ftp connected and i believe i transfer the contentes of the installation into public.html? its a cpanel webhost