Dopie: put archives.php.

Filipovich: You want the SELECT to return that or some query you’d run based on the choice?

Filipovich: Please try to be clear

Sandhaus: Can i change the slug of my CPT based on language?

Caulfield: Filipovich: Sorry, I’m trying to be clear. I have two dropdowns, the first one contains the custom post types, the second one contains the “location” taxonomy. So if make a selection at the moment, it will return a URL similar to: I need it to query multiple custom post types

Kown: Filipovich: So something like:

Farmar: Can someone suggest me some reliable hosting, for 3-4 wordpress based sites?

Filipovich: So your question is really “how do I do a URL query on multiple post types

Priester: Filipovich: Ha ha basically, yes :

Filipovich: I think a comma is used instead of &

Funn: Gosh this is so confusing

Baccouche: Filipovich: No cigar:/

Vessey: Filipovich: It just goes back to the frontpage

Filipovich: Rudeboy: do you have custom rewrite rules in place?

Funn: Ok why isn’t this working. I click on a category. and then it is supposed got to the archive of that category but for some reason it keeps on listing every category

Funn: Https://

Funn: Is it because my $allposts query?

Filipovich: Dopie: you’re replacing the default archive query, so yes.

Funn: What is the default one?!

Filipovich: If you want your archive to exclude certain tags, use pre_get_posts

Dulmage: Filipovich: Not that I’m aware of. It converts the URL into this though:

Funn: Https://

Filipovich: Rudeboy: does it work if you use just one CPT int he URL?

Schimpf: Dopie: Every “page” on your site has a loop in it. The loop creates a different query based on which page you’re on for the default pages. Here when I say “pages” i mean the actual website landing pages. so is a website page.

Funn: So should i create a template for that page?

Mita: Dopie: so the loop is going to generate a query that specifically only gets posts that are in that category. WP knows to do this because of the Loop. the loop is like magic to most beginner devs

Funn: My category/non-fiction page?

Abild: Dopie: you already created a template for that page. that’s what archive.php is for

Mullner: Archive.php is the template that displays all “archive” site pages.

Ariola: Dopie: this includes any page that lists posts in a tag, category, date, or author.

Mashburn: Dopie: what is the purpose of that code in your archive.php page?

Pepple: Dopie: as it stands now

Wieboldt: Could anyone tell me which folders wp and wp plugins use to update the plugins?

Funn: It makes a WP_Query and it “tries” not to include those tags . and then shows all posts

Funn: Because I thought I can add custom pages for each archive

Kimmes: Dopie: when you put a NEW query in archives.php you are making that query work for ANY page that uses the archives.php template. That means all category pages, tag pages, date pages,. basically anything that lists posts

Needleman: Dopie: what do you mean “custom pages”

Egge: Dopie: you mean custom TEMPLATES?

Vashaw: Dopie: you HAVE to get the terminology down right

Funn: Ok so i removed the loop

Ogunyemi: Dopie: make arhives.php what it was before you added code.

Funn: Now it only shows 1 item for each category instead of all of them

Shoop: Dopie: i have no idea what that means.

Kjeldgaard: Dopie: put archives.php back the way it was before you touched it