Finnjaturtle: it’s not.

Anning: Can someone help me get my locally-hosted WordPress site working properly? I’m getting 404 errors everywhere except the home page. Even wp-admin is broken.

Battig: Dopie: yes. that is the loop

Aspden: Filipovich: I did after the comma, still not working, drats

Reinsvold: Filipovich: I mean I tried that next, after trying the comma :

Dipiazza: Filipovich: From what I’ve read though, it seems like it should theoretically work

Filipovich: Have you tried using a wp_query or a filter rather than trying to push this with a URL?

Vandever: Hello, I have a client who wants a vanity email registration on his wordpress site

Tuzzio: Rudeboy: you want to wrap your params in “” and separate them with +

Filipovich: Finnjaturtle: in your apache/httpd config, find the line that says “AllowOverride None” and change it to “AllowOverride All”


Mccreedy: Could anyone tell me which folders wp and wp plugins use to update the plugins? besides “plugins”

Filipovich: Rodney77: what od you mean “email registration”?

Filipovich: You mean, you want the to be able to login via email instead of user id?

Funn: Bu***and, thank you for explaining where to go :

Hismith: Then it would return a price. the user would put in a forwarding address and then checkout to a payment gateway

Filipovich: That’s not a wordpress question, is it, rodney77?

Funn: Thank goodness for git

Bierlein: Filipovich, this is where WP comes in

Sieg: Bu***and: Still no go, it returns: ?post_type=”test”%2C”test2″ and goes back to the frontpage

Han: Dopie: your custom query probably doesn’t even need to be a custom query. You can simply alter the existing query before it happens using pre_get_posts in your functions.php

Ranch: Now I haven’t seen anything like this done on wordpress, that I can think of. But the client insists on this being integrated into their wordpress platform

Mijares: Rudeboy: so its encoding the plus signs. Can I see your code?

Hunze: Filipovich: I haven’t yet

Filipovich: Rodney77: does your client control and is his business selling addresses on it?

Willrich: So my question is whether this functionality would have to be totally custom and parallel to WP, or if anyone has seen similar functionality in any plugin, premium theme, et cetera

Filipovich: Please answer my question

Akoni: Rodney77: you can do anything with WP as long as you’re talking about just dealing with the searching and returning of DB content Actual registration of such things will be some custom php code inside of WP that deals with that/

Filipovich: OK, so there’s lots of ways you can it, but it’s not an off-the-shelf sort of thing

Many: Rodney77: you can search, return, and reserve values in a database with WP easily. Thats basically what it’s for

Bihari: Bu***and:

Filipovich: Finnjaturtle: do you have a .htaccess file in the same directory as wp-config.php?

Delk: Bu***and, we’re talking about a raw $wpdb-get_results

Digiouanni: Rodney77: it really depends on how you setup your data / info

Shonkwiler: Rudeboy: what’s the part that generates your URL for you?

Funn: So in ?php if have_posts : while have_posts : the_post; ?

Falsetta: Rudeboy: that is just what makes your dropdown

Funn: How would I exclude a category?

Wiedrich: Bu***and, the data won’t have to be integrated into the cms. meaning, there wouldn’t need to be a custom post type holding names, that could be accessed in the dashboard

Retzer: It could just be a non-WP table with names and unique IDs

Filipovich: Finnjaturtle: it’s not being processed. Your HTTP setup is incorrect.