Filipovich: At the moment.

Bahr: AbuDhar, have you any experience with CMS?

Filipovich: Bahr: apparently only with “magic pony and unicorns CMS”

Bahr: Who was the one guy who had that weird CMS? i can’t remember what he was upset about.

Castanio: Hey guys. over the weekend I had some chinese hacker manage to upload stuff to my site Im ***uming through SQL injection, thought its possible they did some other way too. Was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. They managed to upload a file folder called “hot”

Gehrki: Has a bunch of html files starting with the name “japan”

Seba: Ring a bell for anyone?

Bahr: AbuDhar, it makes perfect sense what happened. you created a post type, created posts of that type, then renamed the post type slug in the code. how does WP know that this new post type is the old?

Jorinscay: Otahak: , and stop trying to patch up your hacked site. Reinstall or restore your backups. And read

Bahr: AbuDhar, you could run a simple script to query all X post types and use wp_update_post to change the post type to Y

Filipovich: Bahr: that’s what the unicorns are for!

Bahr: AbuDhar, be glad WP didn’t go “oh, look at al these X post types that no longer have a post type created for them. let me DELETE them!”

Schulthess: I have only two posts Bahr. can’t be bothered :

Filipovich: Brb. having problems and want to reboot into a diff kernel

Bahr: Filipovich, WP has unicorns and magic: it doesn’t delete :

Jolly: Opsec: Post Type Switcher –

Bahr: AbuDhar, well then just delete them and re-create. the script takes 5 seconds to write lol

Bahr: Writing a script could help your understanding AbuDhar :

Darring: Filipovich has problems with his kernel lol

Bahr: What would the technical term be for hooking into wp-blog-header.php and running a script?

Arvay: AbuDhar: Google result for what is a kernel? linux – t

Keltt: AbuDhar:

Bahr: I’ll go the **** route 😛

Maun: Why did you google it? 😀 no need to

Dickeson: Are the drivers messing up ? lol

Bahr: Filipovich, he was making fun of your kernel 😛

Filipovich: AbuDhar: maybe. I’m getting random keyboard/mouse freezes. I went from 4.1.7 to 4.1.6 and I’ll see if it’s better

Kerbo: I said he had a problem lol

Filipovich: If not, maybe its hardware

Bahr: AbuDhar Filipovich has problems with his kernel lol

Bahr: I’m not that funny tho

Funn: Bahr, works perfectly. now for archives which is doing the samething its showing all categories .

Funn: Like lets say i only want to see FICTION posts

Funn: I click on fiction link which goes to category/fiction page but i shows all posts

Funn: Https://

Keown: Hahaha finally it works!

Cridland: Is it possible to query multiple CPT’s with a select dropdown? select name=”post_type”

Wass: Filipovich: How would it work? It currently returns the URL “”, how would I incorporate multiple CPT’s?

Shreve: Filipovich: I’ve tried option value=”test&test2″, but I’ve obviously got the wrong structure

Filipovich: Rudeboy: are you asking how to build a select/dropdown, how to do a query on mulitple post tyes, or what?

Mcgreevy: Filipovich:

Reagey: If I want the TEST option to return multiple CPT’s, how would I go about doing that?

Filipovich: I don’t understand. If soeone selects “TEST”, what do you want to happen?

Trame: Filipovich: At the moment it would return the “test” CPT. I would like it to return “test” AND “test2” CPTs