Jpegtobbe, that switch is.

Recht: Aha thats why, tnx fris!

Throgmorton: You want wp_insert_user which wiull let you p*** all the values possible

Seeney: Canestraro: deactivating the theme didn’t work.

Throgmorton: Https://

Heppler: Hey thnx fris, blonde me!

Tschoepe: LtDarien putting the author name after the link in like italics can help if i understand you right

Tschoepe: Larger line-height can help differentiate links too so they arent just a big block

Roberton: Ok, so i’ve deleted cookies, emptied cache, deactivated plugins & themes, tried different browsers, contacted plugin author. anything else one can do to troubleshoot a stubborn nonce type error?

Throgmorton: Wyclef_ sorry i just joined, can you repeat the issue you are having?

Cherny: Using wp 3.8.11. and the plugin no captcha recaptcha and when trying to save settings i’m getting half a nonce error “Are you sure you want to do this?” with no link for yes or no

Trosclair: But i had turned it on

Usry: I have two wordpress installations, both using same database, I want to give administrator rights of one of the wordpress installations to another developer

Moua: And the only thing that stood out was this: Use of getPreventDefault is deprecated. Use defaultPrevented instead.

Haering: Will he be able to access wp-config.php and get the database p***word?

Piscopo: I am not going to give him FTP access

Hanahan: Polz: I guess I’m looking for more than just CSS changes.

Sachez: Bhavesh: you reallize having two sites hitting the same DB is a recipe for a train wreck

Colins: Sachez: even if the prefix is different?

Hattan: Or because of the traffic?

Sachez: Oh, OK, that’s better but still a BAD IDEA

Sachez: Because if one site gets corrupted, it can damage the other.

Arouri: If one site gets hacked. they both are hacked

Sachez: It’s much better to create a database per site

Feezor: Hmm, only if the hosting provider would’ve provided me with an option to add another one

Sachez: Bhavesh: you have a crappy host

Snowdy: What hosting provider do you use?

Pitt: They only allow you 1 db?

Throgmorton: If you have 10 sites with the same db and something happens to the db and you dont have any backups there goes 10 sites

Kveton: Yea, with the basic package

Putaski: How much is basic package?

Schwering: Switch to blue host or dream host at least

Sachez: So, back to your qeustion. Yes, if I have access to wp-config.php on either site, I have access to all tables in the DB.

Sachez: Bhavesh: I recommend

Krenz: Sachez: my question was if I don’t give him access to FTP, would an administrator on a wordpress installation be able to look at the p***word in wp-config?

Sachez: Let’s ***ume you give me admin rights on SiteA. That means I can install plugins. One of the plugins I could install might be a file manager. With that, I can read wp-config.php.

Hedberg: Sachez: oh, I didn’t know that there are file manager plugins

Sachez: Basically, you have to trust your admins. And backup, offsite, frequently.

Housler: Leave go daddy pronto

Durol: Sachez: okay, thanks. I’ll have a look at it.

Fehlman: Fris: do you have any other ideas how i could troubleshoot my problem?

Albini: Hi! Am I crazy or do I have found a bug in WP? : wp_delete_post’123′, false; false = do not force delete . put in trash . the post is deleted anyway and not put in the trash.

Sachez: Jpegtobbe: “Am I crazy or do I have found a bug in WP?” You understand those are two separate things, right? :- What’s the return value on that function?

Miklos: Jpegtobbe, that switch is bool, and not a string