Do I have to trigger my.

Jeng: Mr_Midnight: how’s your upgrade going?

Higgens: Jeng: won’t be happening until either tonight or tomorrow night, don’t want to take things down while the site might be getting most of it’s traffic

Punzo: The nice thing is that this is all comp time so I get the time back : and next wednesday I am taking off to play the Destiny expansion Taken King that’s coming out lol

Jeng: Comp time is good. sometimes better than money

Yobst: Jeng: Amen to that, I have enough money to pay my bills and have a good time. getting time back is more important :

Casanas: Quitting time. have a good weekend all I might be back if the MySQL upgrade crashes and burns

Wildridge: So, how do I add a chatroom to my website’

Pazik: CheckDavid: program one.

Nethery: That takes a long time

Frend: Learning + Developing

Lokan: A chatroom on your website? . . . . .?

Buchmann: CheckDavid, look for a plugin?

Lokan: CheckDavid: doesn’t sound like the greatest idea.

Baston: Narcisse: I tried, what I wanted speifically I couldn’t find, and in terms of general chat plugins there seem to be a few around, not sure which one is more recommended.

Carvin: Opsec: could you elaborate a bit more on th idea? I am interested in knowing your pov on this

Lokan: CheckDavid: you’re going to have to maintain/police it, there’s already a mountain of chat options, it’s inconvenient for most users.

Sontheimer: What’s inconvenient for most users? To engage in the chat I am hosting?

Buechner: You mean there are already a mountain of chat options for users? or in terms of plugins?

Lokan: Most users already have several chat accounts, asking them to make yet *another* to keep track of. inconvenient

Lokan: Having chat in a website. how many websites do you see with chatrooms enabled?

Moncivais: Not many. Web chat is dead.

Lokan: You’d be better off making a room here or some other discussion network

Lough: CheckDavid: what is it for?

Lokan: But really, you need to step way back and ask yourself, why would users *want* to chat on my website and not discussion, slack or something else?

Mainero: Opsec: discussion is hard for most users, and didn’t like the general discussion applets that are available

Cable: Opsec, maybe he’s making a pr0n cam website or something :p

Lokan: Ideas are great, if well thought out. i get “ideas” all the time. that go no further ;

Lokan: Narcisse: there’s software for that. red5

Falge: Opsec, lol okay, you’re the expert! 😀

Lokan: Anyway. more drug kingpin do***entaries for me.

Calamarino: Opsec: well, it will be a place where they can engage with me personally, in a virtual environment which I control, and where I may host whichever events I wish

Jeng: CheckDavid: Google Hangouts when they work are pretty good.

Nazareno: I don’t even know how it works, can people join at will?

Beadling: Because in SKype people have to be invited 1 by 1 I think

Jeng: You can set it that way, or you can require admitting them.

Croteau: Well, can be a solution.

Raid: I wanted something self hosted, but yeah, I may just go that route.

Brustkern: Thanks for the suggestion sterndata

Anderlik: Hi, I just backed up my WP website

Mcdaniel: As always, I appreciate.

Holda: Congrats reavengrey :p

Haugrud: Hi, I just backed up my WP MYSQL DB, from my local server, and I imported it on my upstream host

Sundstrom: But I don’t see the changes taking effect

Jeng: Reavengrey: now set it so it automatically backs up itself on a regular basis.

Walmsley: Do I have to trigger my upstream WP to “realize” the DB has changed?