Vanbecelaere right, so what.

Vadasy: Is the relevant js in a do***ent ready?

Hevner: Vadasy: o i see. I don’t know how to add the plugin there.

Freerksen: Yeah, work in progress, will be moved in files

Steinmeiz: Can I prevent the button to submit the form ? The select-all button shouldn’t submit

Bedward: Here is a dockyard Aha

Vadasy: Arup_r bind a listener to the submit event on the form and preventDefault

Puello: I mean no idea how to add plugin codepen

Tasson: Vadasy : no but as it was working, it was not in do***ent ready too :/

Vadasy: Arup_r

Vadasy: Nialcen doesn’t matter – your js is before your markup it looks like.

Vadasy: Pop it in a do***ent ready.

Vadasy: Should work fine after tht.

Cortes: Ok I’ll try right now

Karge: Vadasy:****/pen/qOOMea thanks

Vadasy: Don’t do it that way.

Vadasy: Just change the type= on that button to “button”

Persky: Changed. But the code is working in codepen but not in my app code :/ None of the checkboxes are getting selected

Vadasy: Make sure you’re lkoading jquery

Ramm: Anyone can try help me i want i tryfollow this Wizard: my fiddle but not work: any advice why and try help me ?

Vadasy: What’s the issue, jak2000?

Vadasy: Jak2000 have you opened your console?

Mcmillion: Yes. I loaded Jquery drag and drop still working

Vadasy: Arup_r no way for me to know then.

Vadasy: – check this out.

Neesmith: Done robert done, thanks

Skabo: Vadasy: why did you start discussing with your real name?

Vadasy: Combination of things. keeps me more honest and a little nicer, plus i felt weird that there was no trail connecting my original screen name to my actual name, especially since I’ma mod.

Fricker: Is there a default or generic loader from jquery?

Vadasy: Gonna need to be more specific – “loader”?

Cappelletti: Like if I want a section of code to not appear until evertyhing is finished loading, like put a spinner type thing in its area

Vadasy: Like, external images and things?

Ziska: Like if I had a square that was loading a bunch of things, I don’t want anything to show until it’s finished loading and applying css changes, so a loading screen or image would spin and hide everything behind the scenbes if you will

Vadasy: Not the way you’re thinking, no.

Vadasy: You can do some tricks to make something kind of like that work, but it’ll never be perfect.

Vadasy: That’s not really something i’d be concerned with, btw.

Vadasy: Unless you’re loading in things via ajax, then there are some things you can do that are pretty simple.

Kossakowski: Let the browser worry about when to display stuff

Hilaire: Vadasy: I got this, and it works pretty much as I wanted – the only thing is the .project-info that’s disturbing my peace: I can’t get the appendTo to work out

Vadasy: So what do you think .closest does?

Otsuka: Vadasy: It takes the ‘closest’ section called .project-info, right?

Saetern: Http://

Vadasy: Right – what do you think “closest” means?

Saetern: Bewarned it may be loud

Saetern: I need to figure out why its not smoothly displaying the words

Saetern: They flicker then fade in

Gielstra: Vadasy: Well, like I explained – it takes the closest element, or am I humbling right now?

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere right, so what “direction” do you think “closest” goes?