One more thing, is it.

Stana: Vadasy: Hmm. It goes inside the ‘tree’ or does it?

Knauff: Outside or does it go inside?

Eugene: Alright, I follow on that one

Saetern: Https://

Louato: So basically $this means the whole window, right? Then it looks for the closest .project-info section which isn’t there, right? And then it tries to appendTo something that doesn’t exist near that

Bonnot: Folks, am I right guys that once we received the jsonp callback function we received from the server, our app will execute it?

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere $this refers to the current article.

Emenaha: Vadasy please congrats to me. i now working with this wizard: i am happy :

Grannum: Vadasy: Why does my browser hang on itself when I use the .find?

Mario: Vadasy: I’m doing it locally but I can get it up live if you want, hold on a sec

Vadasy: Jsfiddle is fine with it.

Stolzenberg: It doesn’t f up on jsfiddle or what? My browser lags the *** of when I use the .find

Vadasy: Do you want to append each .project-info to the sibling .wrap-all or to ALL .wrap-alls?

Wilkowitz: I want to get them all inside the .wrap-all or .wrap, however it should get underneath the paragraph is the idea and it should only do that in the responsive mode

Vadasy: Lol you’re being too generic with your code is the issue.

Vadasy: You want “find the child .project-info of the current $this and append it to the .wrap-all element in the current $this

Zerbe: So I should use .children?

Schmaltz: Why does my browser hang on itself when I use .find?

Vadasy: Re-read my first statement.

Vadasy: See why that might cause the browser to hang.

Vadasy: How many articles do you have on this page?

Silvey: I’ve just a static page right now, does it matter how many I’ve? I see now when I inspect the element, I get like many of the .project-info appended inside the .wrap-all and I just want one of them

Vadasy: The amount can matter – that can explain why your browser is freezing.

Vadasy: Does the fiddle freeze for you when you use .find?

Puppo: No, it doesn’t – maybe it’s bcuz there’s only two of them

Aragon: Right now I’ve like 8 of them

Vadasy: That’s an interesting use of that contraction.

Vadasy: And that might explain it.

Vadasy: Either way, you want to appendTo the current .wrap-all

Kuehnel: Hmm. How do I do that then?

Claessens: I feel like I’m kinda lost right now

Vadasy: Find the .wrap-all that’s under $this

Vadasy: You basically need to make it contextual.

Galuski: Vadasy: Ugh. YES! It’s working now, god – I’m so happy, you don’t even understand how much I’ve been struggling with this, lol

Nehme: Thank you so much, robertmaxrees

Vadasy: Do you understand the difference?

Vadasy: Also – this really is something you should do with css.

Vadasy: I’m guessing that .project-info is to the side of .wrap-all on pageload, but you want it to appear under .wrap-all on smaller screens, right?

Vadasy: Yeah, js is the wrong tool for that.

Vadasy: Bootstrap does that out of the box.

Hagmann: I did try to use CSS, but I didn’t really work it out, since I would need to mess around with the position

Vadasy: Javascript is slow and not meant for these kinds of tasks.

Goldie: Hmm. Never used Bootstrap

Vadasy: It’s a simple tool for exactly these use cases.

Hughett: I’ll take a moment and look at it, thank you again – really appreciated!

Crocitto: One more thing, is it possible to get it underneath the paragraph something like this, but this one doesn’t really work – it gets inside the paragraph instead of after it: