Colonel_panic: yes. that.

Biagioni: Http://

Lokan: As long as you’re using 2.2 yes.

Lokan: If not, see the current docs ;

Lokan: Yea, so those docs would be no good for you

Lokan: Http://

Lokan: You want name based vhosts

Lokan: Make a dummy first vhost, as a habit

Lokan: The first vhost is the default

Lokan: I usually make it the servers ip and proxyp*** it to ;

Lokan: If someone hits the server by ip they end up on

Augello: As opposed to having IP-based vhosts

Lokan: Well, who wants to remember a bunch of ips to type in?

Lokan: If you’re working locally you can literally make your sites resolve to and if you want to

Villasis: So how do I manage the DNS entries for this?

Lokan: But then you’d need another proxy to use google ;

Signor: It’s just a local dev server

Lokan: localhost

Lokan: Should i stop helping?

Nono: No, I’m still not seeing how to set this up

Wiesman: Is there a conf file I need to edit or something?

Lokan: Well, i’ve asked you at least twice to go to #httpd, where i also am.

Lokan: The bot has useful links

Lokan: And this really has Halcom at all to do with wordpress really.

Winslett: Opsec – so even though this is an imgur link and its getting embeded – the code for the embed is coming from my wordpress/my theme and not from imgur?

Lokan: I don’t know. looks like inline styling bad practice in 2015

Schur: If i put a direct link to a particular image in my library, it seems to work fine. it’s only when i link to imgur.

Lokan: What i highlighted is adding it, when i disabled it, all 3 of your images showed up

Drewett: Yeah – just not sure how to go about getting it to stop displaying it that way. I’m going to try switching themes and seeing if another one does the same real quick

Lokan: Maybe it’s something imgur is doing, or maybe there some way to alter the output. i don’t use imgur in my own sites

Lokan: Try to rule out what a theme is doing

Lokan: Install a bare bones theme like joints

Lokan: Not something trying to style every little thing


Muzquiz: Tudda_wp: Check out – Underscores is a starter theme meant to be the base of your next awesome theme, try it out!

Lokan: There’s a couple starters

Showman: Just testing out bot commands, don’t mind me 😡

Bitterman: When i installed JointsWP and tested the same post it seems to work properly.

Reikowsky: I’ll check the forums for truepixel and see what they say. Thanks for the help!

Pang: Strendata: Hi, that PHP browser detect isn’t working all the time for some reason. Any ideas?

Rusell: Did you initialise a Mobile Detect object?

Difrancisco: Dopazo: What do you mean by initialise?

Malloch: What browser detect are you using?

Totin: Or are you using the $is_iphone global variable that is native to WordPress?

Parkhill: Dopazo: I’m using this –

Quiel: Hi opsec? I got the vhosts working

Tehrani: Now I just need to get WordPress installed and configured correctly

Schiltz: So I just extract WordPress into the host directories?

Canant: Is that my next step?

Lokan: Colonel_panic: yes. that and setting up the database containers