Boar: well sure unless you.

Sandness: Hi guys, how do i grab an element from jquery and put it to string in another file?

Pullie: Var variable = $elementSelector;

Vantrump: Then your gonna have to send it to a sever via ajax then write to file from there

Jarels: Hi guys, how do i grab an element from jquery and put it to string in another file?

Buszak: Hi guys, how do i grab an element from jquery and put it to string in another file?

Tagliarini: Maxg_ your going to have to use ajax to send it to a server and then the server writes the file

Nitkowski: Can anyone help me with setting a timeout in this loop:

Partible: Oopss.did anyone post something?

Gagan: Http://

Nishio: Yes, you posted that already

Hadaller: This is doing 2 loops. After the first loop, I need to pause for 5000ms

Mascheck: I know this is very elementary stuff.

Nishio: There isn’t a single loop in that code

Maccartney: I am missing code.sec

Derricott: After the counter++, is there a line of code I can use to add a delay?

Nishio: You can use setTimeout, that’s it

Bolorin: How do you define the timeout length?

Nishio: Look up the docs on setTimeout

Klimkowicz: Set timeout is done in milliseconds, right?

Alnutt: 500 is the num you are looking for

Peco: And they want 5000ms which is 5 seconds isn’t it?

Minerd: So this: ?

Bastic: Nope _.

Nishio: SetInterval? what the hell?

Barbie: Set interval repeats every time based on the number of ms

Riska: Nodist: na, didn’t work

Fitton: You want to wait for 5000ms and then do something right?

Tri: Does anyone have any experience with using Ace’s code editor? I’m trying to create regex for a DSL and am after some help

Formanek: You want setTimeoutfunction, 5000 where you put your function in there

Guzek: The continue code needs to be inside the setTimeout

Nishio: Jen_: so move the gotoAndPlay line inside the function that’s inside setTimeout. that’s what you want, right? the movie to start over after 5 seconds?

Guffanti: Oh, man i am so confused…can somebody write this out for me?

Deriggi: It’s late and I have to get this done in 30 min.

Raj: SetTimeout function { //DoStuffInHere}, PUT_YOUR_DELAY_HERE;

Kristan: Everyone drop everything and glue yourself to cat live stream. 😀

Jeune: There is no work. Only cats!

Garinger: Https://

Middlesworth: You’ll never learn that way

Nerenberg: You’re one to talk. You’re probably one of the cats in the video. :3

Nishio: There are almost 10,000 people watching this cat’s belly.

Droubay: Anyone can help me how to get the number of columns? on a Html Table? always alert 0

Thessing: Nishio help me? is for me? kitty belly?

Nishio: Jak2000: you misspelled #myTable

Nishio: Http://

Dement: Is it easily possible to wrap a jquery function. say i want write a function that completely wraps $.get, but defaults the .fail handler to do something specific, is that remotely possible?

Dement: I know im asking not in ##jquery, sorry

Hermosura: Kitty belly is the best belly.

Solarski: Dement: if I’m understanding you correctly, you just want to force the .fail to always do something specific, yeah?

Dement: Boar: well sure unless you call my function to specify what you also want to do w/ .fail