Es6 has Object.***ign ,.

Crawshaw: Dement: You can’t really track what happens after the function with promises, you could use a callback to call the .fail though

Dement: Boar: $.get works like $.get’url’,, id like to write say a _.get that duplicates it completely, and always runs certain code inside .fail

Hamiltan: Dement, function get.args { var p = $.get.args; p.failfn; return p }

Secondo: Or use .apply instead of .args for es5

Silacci: They just changed all the cat toys! 😀

Limke: Well, not all of them. Some of them.

Dement: GreenJello: so write a function that just calls get, specify my fail code, then return it

Dement: Ok lets give it a shot

Auala: GreenJello? Why are you not watching cats with the rest of the world? We are destined watch cats until we starve. :3

Wieman: I have cats, I watch them sometimes

Rocamora: But this stream has 8 of them!

Dement: GreenJello: if i use this wrapper and call .fail myself. does it append or replace?

Yankovich: Dement, not sure, jQuery ‘promises’ are weird

Emory: Dement: You could try something like this

Hano: Eh, nvm. GreenJello’s is cleaner

Dement: Https://

Dement: P much just need to go remote 100 lines of code now

Goyette: Dement, in coffee you just need .

Goyette: Dement, get = $.get arguments.

Dement: Doesnt that possibly p*** the arguments

Dement: OH you’re saying coffee does that for me

Lhommedieu: It’s a shorthand, like the es6 .arhs

Dement: Hmm .arguments is making it $.get.apply$, arguments;

Patalano: Can you do get: .args – get = $.get args. ?

Goyette: Yeah, why do you need the this anyway?

Dement: What else shoudl it be

Dement: Thats what the do***ents say

Betker: Also rename the get variable req or something

Acron: It’s confusing, you have three things called get there

Dement: Https://

Goyette: Dement, I would p*** the arguments, it is more explicit that just arguments,

Goyette: Dement, one day just do a read of the Coffee docs in depth, there are tons of features

Dement: I jst leadned I can do This?.too

Dement: To help verify existance before calling

Goyette: A ? b === a == null ? b : a

Dement: So a and b dont need to exist

Lightbourne: I wonder what Gentleman’s opinion is on ternary operators.

Dement: I always noticed // too

Dement: A // b is Math.floor a / b

Goyette: Comments are # or ###

Chubb: Wait, are we not talking about JavaScript?

Schneeberger: I’ve been busy watching cats.

Goyette: Dement is using Coffee

Hossler: Finally pulled myself away from that stream. My blood sugar started crashing a good hour ago, and yet I couldn’t stop watching cats.

Gunstream: How do i make a new object

Trembinski: Where only 1 field is substistued

Staggers: E.g. x={a:0}; is there a function to make a y = {a:1} out of x, something like y = subx, ‘a’, 1;

Goyette: Beaky, not sure what you mean. you want to replace x with something else?

Katona: I mean if i have a big object with many properties, how do i make new objects but with some of the properties substituted

Morrisey: I think some libraries have something like extendx, {a: 1

Tresvant: Wow extend is exactly what i need

Michelotti: Es6 has Object.***ign , which i believe does that too