Cause I was too lazy to do.

Filipovich: But for now, leave wprocket disabled, clear the caches on sitelock, and disable caching there.

Bertke: Cody123: then you should DEFINITELY learn a whole lot more about server management

Raulston: Cody123: or hire a sysadmin

Arre: I figure the best way to learn is to open a DO account eh?

Wadell: Cody123: and a buddypress powered site?

Casini: Hey, I’m sorry if I’m not a pro

Challis: Can I keep wordfence active if all the options of caching were never ticked?

Savaria: My little pony pretty parlour . where you can dress up my little pony in fashion forward outfits!

Girton: Well I told my mate who owns the site and has contact with sitelock to call them and fix it

Schiltz: Basically what u said is

Morentin: The site shows 2 ips? both from sitelock?

Filipovich: Do an nslookup on frog-lock.colm

Mckeehan: Godaddy gives away 1 year with VPS

Napoli: They broke my site here and there

Guilianelli: Where did u do the NSlookup, most doesnt show me that the ip belong to sitelock

Savaria: I like how godaddy uses overt sex marketing campaigns to sell stuff and how bob parsons goes on african safaris killing wild animals for his trophy room. i’d love to sponsor that swill.

Measom: I’d sponsor elephants to hunt bob parsons

Filipovich: Rapid: I don’t know for sure they belong to sitelock, but they’re on the same network as, so ti’s a good clue. Hang on forf a paste

Tonrey: Their servers and the like are junk

Robaina: They brought my WP sites to a hault one day

Filipovich: Rapid:

Dorries: I love how godaddy held my domain name for ransom when it expired

Trine: They do it to everyone

Jefcoat: And dont use their search

Bauerle: They will go after sites you search

Ciaffone: Anyone can buy it for 10 bucks but since you already owned it, it will cost $80

Spee: Thank you stern, will contact them. thanks for the help Filipovich and Bu***and have a good day !

Gerbig: And they say oh we give you money back

Cubr: Not on VPS did they, nope

Smeltzer: Instore credit, sure why not

Rhett: Not like I wanted to use the money else where

Mcchriston: But they did a fix or patch on my VPS and did they email me, nope

Azatyan: Could I get on chat to get them to tell me so, nope

Tigert: Hostgator is just as bad

Fonda: RAMNode is what I use now

Fehringer: I’m tail’ing my error.log file but it doesn’t show notice’s. Is there a way to turn that on?

Balcerzak: Filipovich what other plugins do you use on your sites?

Elgas: Bu***and: got it! thanks again for your help

Filipovich: It depends on the site — all of them get WordFence, otherwise it depends on the functionality

Aldredge: I have done a fresh install of wordpress, but no matter which theme I choose none of the images are showing up, anyone know why this may be happening? The site is

Filipovich: Usually Yoast Google ****tyics and Yoast SEO, too.

Filipovich: BOGO: because it works

Chaves: I used it once but it seemed to clunky

Filipovich: I get an nxdomain on that, pr0tlogic

Filipovich: Did you actually register the domain?

Callington: Does he have something else out?

Chatampaya: Pr0tlogic: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.


Hohman: Cause I was too lazy to do the dns at the moment, I forgot :