Maybe reverse the string,.

Jurgenson: Jetpack by update

Tanenbaum: I must have been heard

Yearby: Jstransky: you can set your LogLevel in your apache config file

Filipovich: Went to make a Manhattan but our bottle of vermouth turned. ack!

Filipovich: Need to hit the liquor store tomorrow

Filipovich: Bobdobbs: it went funky. you can have it. I guess you can’t keep a bottle of vermouth in the fridge for several years.

Cheslak: Bu***and: wish i knew the exact problem, but switching to imagemagick made the banding go away

Mesko: I used to like Clef sterndata

Filipovich: Just heard from one of my restaurant clients. he’s closing the doors tonight. That first 6 months is a killer!

Borda: Still, it’s better to quit before racking up debt

Filipovich: I suspect there’s a lot of debt — he did a big build-out

Filipovich: But that’s why the LLC was invented

Antone: Hello everyone, i’m having a problem with wordpress loading my files. All the href loads properly in the functions.php, but none of my images or css or js files will load properly. Any help woul dbe greatly appreciated

Filipovich: Manjaro-kde5: URL, please

Filipovich: I’m out . too much work to walk through a localhost issue

Mcgraph: OK Filipovich wordfence is now running

Thibert: I changed my site and home url to something, then changed it back to http://localhost and it hasn’t been working yet

Straseskie: And when i go to wp-admin it says object not found

Filipovich: BOGO: no, I’m not playing that game with you. WHAT FUNCTIONALITY DO YOU NEED? That’s how you choose plugins.

Blount: Well I just want to one make sure it is secure, runs fast, and is stable

Filipovich: Manjaro-kde5: in your web server setup, find the line that says “AllowOverride None” and change it to “AllowOverride All” then restart the web service

Filipovich: Is it secure, fast, and stable? Then stop fscking with it.

Filipovich: That wasn’t intended to be funny.

Pery: Glad they issued a fix for jetpack

Filipovich: Which issue is yours? was it the bbPress one?

Rulapaugh: It was popping up errors like crap through a goose

Filipovich: That’s n ot mentioned int eh change log

Tinelli: Changed apache http.conf allowoverride none to Allowoverride All, restarted httpd, and still messed up

Dormaier: Well then I guess it is not fixed. I will have to put a ticket per say in

Filipovich: Did you even look at the changelog, bogo?

Aningalan: I just applied the update

Filipovich: Manjaro-kde5: yeah, that’s how the pros do it.

Filipovich: Sorry, that was for bogo

Filipovich: Manjaro-kde5: without being able to load a page however it loads and inspect it, there’s not much I can do. Sorry.

Berardo: I was following a tutorial and I think it had me setup ssl on the apache web server, not sure if that’s messing it up somehow

Ashing: I need help in localization of wy woocommerce site

Filipovich: Manjaro-kde5: SSL is a big complication. Get the site working without it first.

Partelow: Do you know how to the client of a webshop can change language of the page?

Filipovich: Manjaro-kde5: no PM, please

Geres: Arg. anyone wanna give me some regex help?

Filipovich: For web server questions, please check the #httpd channel

Simonelli: Or maybe general js help

Follie: I have a name pattern like this – attachments$post-IDnon-users$i and I need to target just $i which is a number

Chais: I can’t JUST regex for a number before postID is a number as well

Filipovich: Is the number always at the end?

Filipovich: Maybe reverse the string, find the first non-numeric, cut, and re-reverse the result?