But I guess its not the.

Laur: Dm: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/how-to-show-featured-image-inside-post

Iozzo: Dm: by doing what Bu***and said

Nondorf: Hi, I am having issues with autop and short codes in the leasts update. anyone else having issues?

Kuhtz: Dm: http://bfy.tw/21M9

Kero: Need some input on how to accomplish something

Gauwain: Say you’ve got a page, and on that page you would like to add callouts. Currently how we have this work is via custom fields we define what callouts should add to the page

Boldwyn: The callouts are a cpt with some custom fields

Sylvian: So in the template we loop through, grab the posts defined as callouts, render them

Werra: Does the wordpress ids matters as in can they be changed from one install to another like migrating a database to a new install ?

Obie: Im talking about the database id’s that auto-increments

Cheater: Now this is runnign through get_template_part, but I’m thinking making it a hook would be better

Agard: Periera: personally, I think that if it ain’t broke then there may be no need to fix it

Hampson: Bobdobbs: it sorta is broke atm 😛

Oakes: We’re revamping the whole system

Nishikawa: It’s not broke, I’m just a bit concerned over the flexibility of a template part vs just doing a hook

Yearego: Periera: I would make it a function you can reuse

Gatti: Get_the_callout$calloutID;

Hilman: There’s going to be multiple callouts on the page LindsayMac

Medling: Then in functions.php do function get_the_callout$cid{ do your stuff to build it }

Catherwood: Get_the_callout’12’; get_the_callout’42’; get_the_callout’12’;

Dumdei: Ooops. last one would be a different number of than 12 of course

Bruscino: Periera: are callouts resused across different pages?

Trivisonno: Meaning could one callout be ***igned to multiple pages?

Capuano: Ok then yea. thats what I would do

Luncsford: I think I’m just having a problem with template organization and such

Auger: Definitely can do it as a function, and probably will, things are just wacky with this site

Sheltrown: 40 something page templates

Santacruz: Half the callouts are through the template, other half are shortcodes somehow

Cronan: 40 page templates? That seems terrible. bad planning

Lucchini: Bu***and: luckily this site was inherited

Honma: The new project we’re finishing up has MAYBE 3 templates

Fontane: What’s the logic for Custom Post types consisting of two or more words. Underscores or hyphens for registering the name and underscores or hyphens for slugs? so example_post or example-post and website.com/example_post website.com/example-post ?

Thunberg: Adding save_post action from within pre_save_post. Dumbness?

Filipovich: Jstransky: what is you you’re trying to do?

Roesch: I’m having an email sent off when a cpt is created/updated

Truner: But the email needs to include some post data which isn’t available in pre_save_post

Filipovich: Why not just put it in save_post?

Niquette: So this works fine if the post is being updated

Yuen: That’s probably more sensible sterndata

Filipovich: If ‘xxx’ == $post-post_type {do_something;}

Halcott: Guess I’m just cautious of just adding a ton of filters when this one is only needed in a specific situation

Filipovich: And it’s more logical than enqueing it in pre_post_save than de-queueing it

Franpton: So the thought was I could call add_filter‘save_post’ from within my pre_save_post method and the save_post method could remove it again. Hence why I was asking if that’s just plain dumbness. :

Woldridge: But I guess its not the same as preventing event listener leaks in other languages