Code fairies.

Gallamore: Might be better to use get_post_type

Mathieu: Periera: talking to me?

Longden: Doesn’t really matter

Mick: No need, wp 3.7 supports adding cpt to the action name

Yahl: So add_action‘save_post_my_post_type’, …

Aune: Jstransky: why not use update_post instead of save_post?

Guffey: I believe save_post is triggered every time

Copelin: Does update_post only get triggered if the post exists and is being updated?

Shufflebarger: Save_post is only triggered when adding a new post. update_post i believe is triggered both times

Heckstall: Save_post is an action triggered whenever a post or page is created or updated,

Gamberg: When its saved OR edited

Kazunas: Https://

Darbeau: Periera: umm. that hasn’t been my experience.

Difonzo: Well that’s what the docs say

Gelston: But things could have changed I suppose. I always thought save_post was only on a new post

Otake: Since you can save a draft etc.

Filipovich: Oh. sorry, saw that was already quoted.

Meeder: I’ve migrated a wordpress site from to however wp-admin/ is an infinite redirect to How does one fix this?

Domanski: Adran: Google result for searchreplacedb2.php – wordpress-databases/">

Rychlicki: Jstransky: sorry i dont follow

Filipovich: Replace with

Cummins: How does that explain why wordpress is trying to redirect to the new site continuously?

Filipovich: Jstransky: reading further, “as of WP 3.7, an alternative action has been introduced, which is called for specific post types: save_post_{post_type}”

Filipovich: Adran: you moved the site — did you change all the URL references?

Rowlett: Oh sorry, was pointing out that save_post being triggered in both situation makes sense since both are essentiall ‘writing to disk’ operations

Filipovich: Also, delete all cookies related to the site and clear your browser’s cache

Brader: Filipovich: you’re liteally just repeating what people already said

Boisuert: Jstransky: yea. i just really truly thought save_post only happened on new posts.

Guckin: I SWEAR i remember writing functions for both save AND update posts the same

Stuhr: I believe ya. deprecation can be a biotch

Kawachi: Filipovich: Hmm. Didn’t think about cookies, let me try taht.

Filipovich: Adran: browsers sometimes try to be too helpful

Luca: Jstransky: wonder when that changed

Filipovich: How did you move the site, Adran?

Filipovich: Did you follow the codex?

Birney: Dunno but I can’t even find docs on update_post

Ingersol: Adran:

Olalde: Followed this

Kientzy: Jstransky: me neither. Im confused! lol

Filipovich: Adran: what’s the URL?

Deerdoff: Adran: disable any plugins and try again

Daffron: Https://

Filipovich: BOGO: What’s today’s new crisis?

Filipovich: BOGO: it looks like you fixed the “dj-desc” cl*** thing. What as the problem?

Shelburne: Will WP work with code that uses autoload?

Filipovich: BOGO: something did: p cl***=”dj-desc”BOGO 3p-7p/p

Thau: Cleaned out some stuff from the DB

Pickhardt: But that is all I did

Fallenstein: Code fairies apparently