But for its plus points,.

Chrisman: Anyone know offhand of a plugin that will do 404 redirects -in- WP, to a different domain but keep the requested path/parameters?

Chrisman: 404 to 301 is the closest I could find in a bit of searching

Chrisman: But it only does a straight redirect to base domain

Lokan: Boil a pot of spaghetti and throw it at the website, sounds like it might be more productive ;

Chrisman: Not sure how that’s supposed to be ‘more productive’, but thanks anyways I guess

Constance: Hey guys, if you have multiple wordpress builds on a single domain under individual sub dir’s not sub domains, what would be the best way of merging the sitemaps of all of those into a single one? is there a module for that or something else worth looking at?

Becks: Is anyone here familiar with advanced custom fields?

Hochberg: Elec****: lots of people here are

Lokan: Sarver: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/eb/3f/55/eb3f55a9db3b18bd7171812e63b26a23.jpg

Brociner: I find that I have to do service apache2 reload to have changes take effect that I made using the theme editor in wp-admin

Brociner: This is a child theme

Brociner: My guess is that the pre-edited version is stuck in opcache/xcache

Brociner: But doing other kinds of edits, e.g. to blog posts using wp-admin, result in immediate updates

Brociner: So it must be for things coming from disk

Lokan: Http://i.imgur.com/cUE9xpn.jpg

Trautner: Hi,any one can help me

Berdar: I am just using themeforest columns impressive magazine theme

Lokan: It’s got support you paid for.

Hinshaw: Ya this is paid theme

Lokan: Http://themeforest.net/item/columns-impressive-magazine-and-blog-theme/5419139/support

Lokan: That’s where you get support for it.

Delone: Thanks, but where can post my problem i have no idea

Igel: And my problem is header google ads not show on head when i put my google code

Lokan: Avinash: login to your themeforest account and contact the author or use their support with that link above to get it solved, that’s what you paid for.

Goldade: Now i am login with theme forest site

Martelli: And just confused where to ask my question.

Lokan: Avinash: http://themeforest.net/item/columns-impressive-magazine-and-blog-theme/5419139/support

Herrig: Opsec i am here https://dannci.freshdesk.com/support/home

Staback: And when i am click Columns Theme – FAQs link

Fraughton: Is it possible to grab the value of a custom field in the process of submitting? I mean the post never existed before. I want to grab the value of a particular custom field and append it to the slug.

Ohora: Opsec thanks for give me right suggestion

Ausiello: Hmmmm having difficulty with child shortcodes example: parentchild/parent

Medich: The parent shortcode is processed normally but the child one isn’t unless it’s removed from that block. Any ideas?

Timlin: One more problem, where can i find my licence certificate on download section

Debutts: Avinash: probably worth emailing the developers of the theme directly or emailing the place you bought it from

Merkl: Hey, hey thanks to opsec and sexywoodenspoon.

Kesten: My problem is resolved.

Tullio: Any one suggest me one more answer , i have total 2 year experience on wordpress and just want to learn full customization theme

Aschan: So. what’s your question?

Smiling: Avniash: from what i’ve read, kitchen sink full customization themes aren’t worth the time

Reimmer: People follow different standards

Flis: And everything is a mess

Brodrick: The only decent kitchen sink / swiss army knife theme I’ve played with is X

Carollo: But for its plus points, there’s a myriad of negatives