But i’m willing to learn if.

Gennaro: Robdubya, the problem isn’t really ionic; I’m sure it’s heavily optimized to use angular as little as possible, it’s your own code that is concerning

Kment: I think once you’ve learned angular and used it enough, it’s not worth using anything else. my problem is that i’m still outside looking in, and it’s hard to digest in a few sittings

Pomplun: Well, like most frameworks, you can do angular performantly. react definitely keeps you coloring in the lines better

Rieley: Angular its pretty easy to ***** yourself over, for sure

Kment: Robdubya: other than under the hood improvements, is there a drastic change to how things are to be organized in ng2?

Tomsich: Depends. if you’ve been doing angular the “right” way, not hugely. its basically “components” and “services”

Klemm: Its kinda like ng1 + all the good lessons from react/flux

Bilotto: Hello all, I am a total js newbie that used/adapted some code from an online tutorial to build a countdown website, for when I will meet with my girlfriend again. I put a background picture behind the counter, and it works like a charm on both my laptop and on my iphone. Thing is, my girlfriend just sees the background picture, on both her tablet and her android phone – any ideas on why this could be?

Myricks: It is hosted on dropbox if that makes any difference

Kment: Plutonas: do you have the source anywhere?

Kment: Also, how do you host on dropbox?

Nagai: Kamela yes I have the source

Segawa: Kment: for dropbox just place it into your public folder and then rightclick on the index file an copy-paste the link

Kment: It’s not purely front-end then is it? you’re persisting the countdown data somewher?

Kaauamo: Kment: i’m sorry i don’t understand the question, let me see if i can get a link to the whole source folders on my dropbox

Parado: That would be simplest

Jokela: Nope doesn’t work for folders

Scarnati: If it helps it is something adapted from here http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2011/12/countdown-jquery/

Kozubal: I could copy-paste files or parts to some pastebin if that helps

Mcnany: Actually my site is linked to “minimalistin.com” perhaps you could check if you see more than the background image

Gerstein: Plutonas i dont see the counter either

Magrann: Looks like jquery isn’t loading

Vallee: Robdubya: oh, so it must be something with my code. At first i thought her browser didn’t have js activated, but i guess that can’t be the case for you too.

Lutao: Robdubya: I am a complete newbie, how is it supposed to load? I now use: script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.7.1.min.js”/script

Chevrier: Just change http to https

Barnhill: Ok, can you try again please?

Alberding: Haha, that was all then

Kment: Don’t worry, it happens to me a lot as well

Destefano: Change your font link too

Kment: You can also change all external links to be protocol agnostic

Meazell: Kment apparently thats a bad idea nowadays

Miquel: By the way if https is the correct url why did it work for me?

Guccione: Plutonas do you know how to use your developer tools?

Kment: For some reason your browser must not be viewing it as an issue

Yidiaris: What browser are you using?

Kment: Robdubya: why’s that? i know it’s annoying to do work locally because it never knows what protocol to use when you’re just using filesystem paths

Furbush: Robdubya: what do you mean by developer tools? I used emacs to edit things but got most code ready from that tutorial

Spender: I’m not sure what you mean

Zogopoulos: Oh this’ll change your life then

Lape: What browser are you using?

Madigan: But i’m willing to learn if you have pointers and you think it is worth it