Yes in that respect it.

Eilert: Diegoaguilar, that’s pretty much the best way

Levander: Schaetzle: where do I put the callback? thanks

Magouliotis: Awc737, you have a callback

Bartow: Awc737, you can’t use .forEach; you could have a function that takes an index as an argument, and the in the callback you do thatFunctioni + 1

Galvani: Yeah write has the callback

Milbradt: I’m not sure what to leave in the first function

Degaetano: Can i put regular javascript inside a .coffee file?

Scyoc: You can put regular javascript inside any file

Kment: Tcsc: what do you mean?

Mclee: Cat someFile.js anyOtherFile.extension

Sjostrom: I mean, it might no work

Erlenbusch: By which i mean, you can do it, but it might break the file.

Haste: Gambl0re, I think it’s something like foo = regularJSCodeHere

Vonderkell: Read the coffeescript site site

Harling: Hey guys, i’m having problem with this script i wrote

Syrett: Https://

Zavcedo: It’s not iterating more than once

Medich: I want to plot multiple polylines on a google map

Billock: But it only prints one line

Hashem: Is there anyway to control/click on Open/CLick on save/ etc that is ActiveX control or whatever they call it using javascript ? thank.

Deighton: Smgs, that’s not a coherent question

Niswender: Anyone knows any libraries that have any support for building interfaces like these?×576.jpg

Cima: Where you have multiple components and you can connect/wire them together?

Kment: Depy and actually generate code?

Klamm: Not necessary. I just want to maybe define some components and code what they do. They should have like input and output or multiple.

Moll: I would define components like: and, or, if, sum, .

Vickers: Something like that, for processing data streams maybe.

Ukich: And maybe the components also could have scripts

Maxey: For more advanced stuff

Depasse: DEPy,

Kilness: There is some good software written in CS

Horsey: Doesn’t mean it was a good decision, but it doesn’t inherently make it bad

Scharber: Schaetzle: nice i like NoFlo thanks for sharing

Kment: I just used the term teardown off the cuff for and it just so happens that’s exactly what surge calls it

Sarazin: I create my mobile apps by putting a webview and doing rest of the development on local html , JS files i noticed that js get slow on mobile apps is there any technology or frameworks to se to make js work fine or in better performance ?!

Dennett: Ali4ever4, what tech/frameworks are you using?

Jurries: Schaetzle: well i have used the following ionic, telerik appbuilder, creating native app myself adding webview and showing nativly stored html,js and work on js codes for the rest

Meegan: React is a common choice for performant mobile apps; it should perform better than angular/ionic

Michaeli: Not sure how well it’ll get along with appbuilder

Woltemath: I missed the question, so ignore me :p

Wodarski: Schaetzle: hmmm seen articles about react but never tried it in any project , didn’t know it has performance advantage, will search about it more if it really have advantage in performance then i must invest time in it

Kment: Afaik its performance advantage will be eventually be widely applied to other front-end frameworks

Kment: Diffing, virtual dom-like things

Manery: As html5 apps go, ionic is pretty performant. react native would spank it tho.

Sampey: Yeah but it’s better than angular 1

Kment: Yes in that respect it is