Anyone here used the.

Dankert: LindsayM_: I am working on my own plugin’s settings page via add_options_page. But the WP general settings demonstrates the behaviour that I am trying to fix.

Varajas: Imo, a form submission with a mix of valid and invalid inputs should not save anything at all.

Ketcheside: SeriousMatters: when you make your own page you write your own save function.

Schramel: I am not writing my own save functions using update_option.

Persson: Because I am using the Settings API, with register_setting, add_settings_section, add_settings_field

Gerbitz: SeriousMatters: you write your own code to wrap around the update_option. you don’t let update_option do the validation for you. i dont understand

Barnar: You write all of your “happen on submit” stuff in your plugin/

Ridderhoff: I am using register_setting $option_group, $option_name, $sanitize_callback ;

Tumbleson: And p***ing a callback function to handle my custom sanitization/validation.

Smigiel: Which WP Settings API would call on submission.

Peightal: LindsayM_: do you use Settings API?

Guillama: Yea. I use settings often

Santulli: According to the API docs, I shouldn’t need to call update_option. right?

Stpierrie: Im sorry I misread. I thought you said you WERE using update_option. no if you’re using the new settings api you dont use update_option

Hoitt: Oh, so it’s new? maybe that’s why it feels. lacking.

Christesen: SeriousMatters: the docs are lacking but the code is good. the settings API is relatively new, yes.

Carolus: Hello, could someone here help me out with a problem I’m having with my wordpress website?

Naill: I can go back to the old school ifisset$_POST’save'{//handle submission} else {//render form}

Katzmann: But that’s kinda bad.

Hovnanian: How can I set a Page template by updating the database please?

Merzlak: Motokokusanagi: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Albany: If anyone thinks they might be able to explain the following, it would be greatly appreciated! : If you visit in the latest version of IE, there seems to be a problem with some of the text overlapping the slider. This seems to be a recent bug that only shows up in Internet Explorer.

Silacci: I have a WordPress multi-site network using subdirectories

Silacci: So,

Tllo: Motokokusanagi: IE CSS is fun. When you say latest, do you mean EDGE or IE 11?

Silacci: Can I p***word-protect /site2 with .htaccess? Normally I would just put an .htaccess in the /site2 directory, but this isn’t a real directory on the filesystem.

Mlenar: Motokokusanagi: hang on, I have to start a VM

Dubree: Anyone here used the woocommerce CSV import suite before?

Bredahl: Sterndata: ok, it works fine in older versions of IE and works fine in Firefox

Scharich: Motokokusanagi: yes, I see it. You may have to add a conditional IE11 css if you can’t find the right trick to make it work right for all of them. It seems you’re already doing some compensation by ading paddint to the top of “callout-wrap”

Santos: But I think the issue is with the bottom of the slider, because the sidebar is also borked.

Roxberry: Sterndata: I didn’t create the website, it was handed down to me to maintain, and my qualifications are lacking a bit, but I will investiagte the padding that is being done.

Spinn: You should take this to #CSS — it’s not wordpress problem.

Heese: Ok, I will do that. Thanks for having a look at it

Foderaro: And you might find someone there who knows teh ***aries of IE11

Caccia: One last question, to edit that particular CSS file. would I be able to do so through the WordPress interface, or is it only available through FTP?

Greaser: Motokokusanagi: are you working with a child theme?

Verducci: Anyone here used the woocommerce CSV import suite before?