Baxx: I sensed that’s what.

Spinosa: Kk sorry that was a mistake

Lepere: Gillice: “Returns the value of name app setting, where name is one of strings in the app settings table. ”

Triece: Manners13, like that:

Bodary: Well yes, you’d want to use it at some point, lol

Boken: Ok, why should I use actual cl***es instead of just doing stuff like this?

Carson: Boken: that’s a json object

Hamlin: Boken: essentially the same thing. cl*** just has some sugar.

Carson: There’s also no methods in that example

Brownstein: For data though, i would keep it to just a plain old object

Boken: Carson: I could put some method in them, sure

Boken: Js objects are just the same thing as python dictionaries, you just give it a key and whatever value you want

Carson: Cl*** is just js sugar for a js closure

Boken: Heh, so there’s my API mock done, I guess.

Carson: Yeah, unless you need state or variable Sheridon I see no reason to use a Cl***-cl***

Ybarra: Public cl*** JavaScript implements ES6

Brumbach: What the heck. flow is written in ocaml?

Poynter: Of all the languages to use

Levett: Should’ve used erlang

Carson: Should’ve use haskell

Kordas: Should’ve used haskell

Dormanen: All type systems are an imperfect attempt to be haskell

Futral: How can I make this script points to a external local file? This example is pointing to http://google./news. I want to make it point to a local file, and read the url form that file

Stepps: Have a handlebars question, anyone here able to possibly provide some ***istance?

Carson: Alex112358: don’t ask to ask. also node.js is probably more appropriate channel

Gissel: If I want the first character from a string, is there any reason i should not use mystring0 ?

Defusco: Is there a way to see a variables type in the firefox debugger?

River: I’m wondering – Am I the only JS developer, who thinks Mean.js is crap?

Gloodt: Why do you think that?

Laborin: It just feels so tangled.

Henshall: And the acl. var roles = req.user ? req.user.roles : ‘guest’; It just checks data p***ed in the request, to determine whether user can access

Teklu: Or was it already handled in the middleware?

Hamlette: Natrixnatrix89: yes its pretty well understood now that angular and mongo are stinky doo doo, but unfortunately many companies are too invested in it already

Griesbaum: Hey all! anyone here worked w/ CI services? i’m trying to evaluate codeship vs CircleCI?

Kibbey: Well it’s obvious about mongo and angular. I do like express.js but the architecture of mean.js seems just so bizzare

Parajon: Has anyone seen a successful project built on meanjs?

Carson: Griesbaum: I like codeship

Carson: But circleci has a free tier

Carson: Natrixnatrix89:

Defusco: Laserco: yeah that’s like a console.log output has to be done from the code? I was wondering if one could just view a variables type by clicking on it some how in the debugger

Griesbaum: Yea i guess codeship can be a bit pricy morenoh149

Griesbaum: Carson: if you don’t mind me asking, what do you prefer about codeship to circleci?

Boudrie: Natrixnatrix89: yeah, I have. It’s fast and easy, but isn’t scaleable/maintainable.

Carson: Griesbaum: I like the ui but I was on the free tier they since removed

Griesbaum: Yeah i don’t like circle’s UI

Rockers: Baxx: I sensed that’s what you meant. I belive the output is color coded. green = number, orange = string, etc