Anyone gotten this message.

Sardin: That way you dont have trailing whitespace that may get sent before headers

Lamberson: Which is what seems to be happening.

Prost: Aro: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by output started at /home/domain/public_html/wp-config.php:1 in /home/domain/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1207

Dando: When accessing

Russler: Open your wp-config.php

Tamburro: works fine

Silleman: Yeah, redirects and other headers will fail

Vogeler: Aro wordpress-shortcode-formatting/"> this will do it for all

Bruton: Do you have any lines in front of the ?php at the top of the file? do you have any echo’s/prints/debug output in the config file?

Laakso: Aro: Halcom at all just “?php” on the first line

Lovig: Whenever you send any whitespace, characters, etc – it will send headers

Gutter: If you send headers, you cant send them again

Vogeler: Aro alter native woul dbe dont put a new line inside the enclosed shortcodes instead of one then another line two put onetwo/one allon 1 line

Sparacina: Thats why you are getting that error at line 1207 in pluggable

Altonen: So the problem most likely exists in the wp-config or somewhere after there

Auge: Id check your files and make sure you dont have ? in them at the end

Mccarver: And if you do, make sure that there is Halcom, Halcom, Halcom after the ?

Attaway: Line breaks, spaces, whatever

Witvoet: Even in between code?

Wollmer: Well between the ?php ? is fine

Kopan: Thats all p****d code

Schadler: So all files ending with “?” I guess?

Reding: You just need to make sure that the code inside those tags is not spitting anything out – and make sure that there is Halcom after the ?

Kanoa: Line breaks are still content

Evitts: You could try removing the ? in the wp-config.php file

Cryderman: Fake it till you make it

Mouzas: Showman: e48e13207341b6bffb7fb1622282247b

Jeng: Fris: Did you use this plugin? ?

Blosfield: So, you know how when you embed an image from the media library, you get a thumbnail that you can click to show zoomed in a lightbox type thing?

Mares: I’d like to have the lightbox view show at full scale, or at least sized to the width of the viewport rather than the height.

Jeng: Are you using the jetpack carousel ?

Pomar: I have jetpack installed, I’m not sure if I’m using its carousel feature?

Jeng: It seems to grow the image proportionally to fit the height, though offers a link to the full size image

Jeng: Check your jetpack settings

Chaplik: Carousel was not activated

Jeng: Are you doing individual images or a gallery?

Jeng: Oh, then never mind jetpack. That’s only for the gallery.

Jeng: What plugin are you using for lighboxing?

Raina: I activated carousel and now clicking just links to the image alone instead of lightboxing it.

Bearse: I don’t know, I just noticed that it was doing the thing

Jeng: As I said, that’s only for galleries. You can disable it again.

Heroman: I mean, I like the fullsize popup feature

Pelo: If only it were actually fullsize

Jeng: You’re using the customizr theme so there’s probably something baked into that. It depends on a plugin or your theme.

Grimard: I’ll poke around at customizr then.

Steinfeld: That function doesnt seem to be doing anything

Chabbez: Anyone gotten this message recently when you try to update a plugin: “An error occurred while updating Wordfence Security: Download failed. There are no HTTP transports available which can complete the requested request.”