I’ve found console.log to.

Purkey: That’s what I’ve been working towards in the past year

Hancin: Getting to a skill level that once I have a great idea, I can make it work

Sanmiguel: I used to have nice ideas but I never had the skills to work them out

Dripps: He must’ve hussled a bit though

Mankel: And made a habit of site creation

Grebner: I was too busy playing games to be building them

Cromley: Well I’m 20 from last week

Littell: And I can barely make frontend sites 😀

Erhardt: Well I suppose I’m not too bad at it

Robson: But I wouldnt be able to create agario with what I know now

Guildford: Being 20 is a bit ****

Urankar: 19 you still think teenager

Quispe: And people used to say “woah so young and you’re doing this already”

Stouder: 20 just sounds a lot older I feel, like the bar has been raised

Fanjoy: Yeah, just deal with it lol

Yasui: My ****s have to be prettier now

Neihart: The pendulum i manage to do that just fine however it gets the value from onblur this.value but i need it to see this.value onload

Artez: What’s the name of that functional lodash

Artez: The one with the better argument order

Goldade: Manners13: why not get the value from the database rather than the DOM?

Schramek: Gillice: Did you mean not websockets or not socket.io running the socket?

Artez: Hylle: what’s the better lodash alternative?

Vanzie: Schramek: not socket.io

Leman: Schramek: socket.io just isn’t quick enough, I tried

Wayne: Well don’t get me wrong, it is bloody quick

Gillim: But for a big multiplayer game, I don’t think it’ll cope

Schramek: Gillice: Probably not. But I’ve built some real-time stuff with socket.io

Armijo: I tried a live collaboration drawing pad

Delgrosso: Maybe it wasn’t socket.io bottlenecking, I’d have to try it again

Schramek: Try that. It’s a whiteboard. Runs smoothly

Schramek: No. the url I sent you

Lovins: Because the value may get changed

Nemes: I’m trying to get a more recent simpler collaboration board running and it’s throwing me a fantastic error

Hogston: For instance it may load as gloucestershire but may get changed to liverpool so i would need the script to fire on change and on load

Perrino: I’m reading that as “You’re pretty ****ed at this point”

Schramek: Gentleman: How do I get the error stuff sent back into the map function?

Santmier: What are the best practices to follow with native promises so I don’t get those annoying “potentially unhandled exception” errors? Is it enough to always cap every promise chain with a .then?

Dadds: I would like to know the exact mechanism by which the potentially unhandled exception error crops up, but reading all the pages on MDN that have to do with native promises didn’t reveal that

Butland: Artez: better in what?

Heagle: Tristanp, You can use .then using the onRejected callback or you can use .catch which behaves the same way as the onRejected callback

Yocom: Literphor: so would you recommend changing all my instances of .thencb; to .thencb, console.error.bindconsole; or something similar?

Harrow: Tristanp, I suppose if you need to handle the rejection of each promise seperately. It might be better to just has a general exception handler if all you’re doing is logging promise.thenonSuccess, errorHandler

Kalinoski: Uhh does console.error even need a thisArg?

Kalinoski: Console.error.callundefined, ‘an error’

Mate: Kalinoski: TypeError: console.error is undefined

Rua: I’ve found console.log to never work right unless i do console.log.bindconsole