Question what is the best.

Boekelman: Why do I feel crazy? Shouldn’t nth-of-type work with UL?

Cucuta: Your demo is works well d3m0n

Say: Hapi: FF doesn’t show the first “tab-section” as per the CSS.

Marrett: Check console for errors

Pettiford: D3m0n: the .tab-section lists must have a parent

Turrill: Http://

Poche: Well shucks thanks hapi

Leerar: The nth-of-type pseudo-cl*** selects siblings or children of the parent based on their type first and then targets those elements based on whatever argument you provided.

Farran: The weird thing is mine is wrapped on my dev server but its with other elements

Marrett: D3m0n: I didn’t actually check your example due to my “valid clean page not in editor” rule on #css 😝

Marrett: But sounds like if you had followed that, you would have picked this up in validation

Tagami: These selector queries are mostly really confisung:

Marrett: Score one for clean testcases!

Marrett: D3m0n: GIGO in this case

Fegueroa: Nemo: I didnt see any warning or error from the console.

Strollo: Had I seen one I wouldn’t have asked in the first place.

Marrett: D3m0n: yeah, but if you’d made a valid page, you wouldn’t be getting quirks

Calhoun: I highly doubt codepen would validate

Marrett: D3m0n: yeah. that’s why I insiste on /

Marrett: When people ask for problems w/ bugs on here

Marrett: And why I didn’t bother visiting yours 😝

Marrett: The ctrl-shift-k was just a guess

Marrett: That’s an example btw – the actual base page is

Mainland: Happy hapi was here then

Osick: I like being/helping here because i learn from others mistakes as well:

Preyor: Hapi that’s how I mastered php back then, helping on every single mail I could at the mailing list.

Balmores: You end up on scenarios that you normally wouldn’t, so that’s great

Murph: Can someone tell me why this svg background doesn’t work in FF/IE but works fine in Chrome?

Zabielski: The image works fine in FF/IE but not as a background image

Dulan: I have a backgroung made up of a gradient and an image –

Smullen: When I change the width of the page the image begins to scale and the gradient stays the same height as before

Conch: Is there a way I can tie the image to the graidient so they resize at the same rate?

Sprole: Hello, i have an element that is defined as .input:focus ~ .suggestions{ display: block; } in order to show it when you have clicked on the input field and is able to get a click. This works great except on ios where it disappears and no click is issued. I realize this may not be exactly css related but thought maybe someone ma6y have an idea of where to start

Belden: Also sorry for the typos, sliced my hand yesterday and have stitches

Monteforte: How do i make a div take all the space there is? everything looks good when there is much text, but with little text the text wraps early and i want the div to expand as far as possible

Nett: My live code: it works at “impressum” it doesn’t at service

Peterman: And I’d understand if the div does not expand beyond the text though I’d prefer it did, but it even adds word-wrapping.

Heilmann: And doesn’t max-width override width?

Daher: I made a thing

Imoto: Got it. i messed up the float clearing.

Gombos: Question what is the best practice and way to setup a top page to have a 120px vertical banner on each side of page and then main content in the middle? I used a float and then a float inside of that but once you hit 1349px it has crazy amount of space.