Any recommended social.

Beltre: Filipovich: again, the site works over https just fine – I can access the whole site bar /wp-admin using https.

Waskiewicz: Emil_:

Neddenriep: Jeebus, is everything a plugin 😮

Filipovich: Pac: sorry, in the noise, I’ve missed the issue

Malinky: Emil_: disabling updates is a terrible idea

Filipovich: Pac: when do you get the 403s?

Filipovich: Emil_: read the codex article

Hoglan: Bu***and: mostly just theme updates

Filipovich: Emil_: and understand the risks you take.

Werderman: Emil_: still a terribly idea

Borchardt: Bu***and: eh, not really

Letko: Emil_: very very stupid

Zamostny: Emil_: eh. yea really

Filipovich: Bu***and: he’s a expert!

Collin: Filipovich: If I try to access /wp-admin wordpress throws an error, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”, if I change wp_options siteurl from https:// to http://, it works and I can login and use the admin panel just fine.

Filipovich: Pac: and the log shows a 403?

Filipovich: Well, that’s just funky

Machia: Bu***and: No, not really. Themes should only be visual. Any underlying security risk should be fixed in the wordpress core level

Freuden: Filipovich: this issue occurred after migrating a site from godaddy, to AWS and it’s behind a load balancer, so I know the issue is no doubt caused because wordpress thinks it’s being accessed via http when it’s sort of not

Bendzans: Filipovich: mate, you are very helpful

Yoes: Filipovich: since the setup is Client – HTTPS – Balancer – HTTP – WordPress

Weimar: Emil_: you have no idea what you’re talking about

Filipovich: Could it be an .htaccess thing? Do you have some “security” stuff in there, Azelphur

Schrawder: Filipovich: nah, if I nuke the db and use a fresh wordpress install – it works fine.

Filipovich: So WP never sees “https”?

Filipovich: Just for fun. search the database for and replace with

Franceschina: But it obviously needs to think it’s https and serve all links as https, as the client connects using HTTPS

Somsana: Pac: Google result for searchrepalcedb2.php – t

Suleski: Thanks, I’ll go investigate that

Filipovich: Don’t know if it will work, but if a clean DB fixes it, then whatever’s going on is in the db

Filipovich: Backup the db first, of course

Rakich: Filipovich: I just thought to look at my working db dump too, it siteurl was indeed set to http, I wonder if wordpress would work at all with siteurl set to https, even on a fresh install

Calco: Needs more investigation, but definite progress I guess :

Filipovich: Is “https” anywhere in the db?

Longwith: Not sure how I’d search, but I’d guess not.

Filipovich: Pac: also, I’m wondering if it could be soemthign related to cookies.

Zeeman: I’ve just installed LAMP and wordpress on linux mint LTS

Mccarrell: May I ask you how to install a new theme from command line?

Filipovich: S3r4: are you using wp-cli?

Filipovich: S3r4: otherwise, just unzip the theme into wp-content/themes

Scale: I don’t know really, I am trying to use wordpress from just few days

Filipovich: Ok, so let’s ***uem you’re not using wp-cli

Filipovich: How did you install WordPress?

Rochlin: I used the command line

Filipovich: What does that mean, s3r4?

Filipovich: Did you unpack the tar file from

Holway: Any recommended social sharing plugin? I’ve circling around this and haven’t found a decent one