Emil_: Google result for.

Wallman: Yeah, but trying to use woocommerce api to add that

Savaria: Pac: if a site can be served https, it will be.

Mcclement: And looks like is not possible

Ly: Will read the docs again :/

Ferriolo: I mean, I did see this one before

Stucke: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/black-stripe-on-featured-image-posts-image

Monkhouse: But that solution is “yolo I’ll get banned if I say the word you”

Howell: There are plenty of options that don’t require a live view of the theme while making the settings

Hard: Opsec: if I change site url to https, the page loads, wordpress responds with the error message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”.

Savaria: Pac: you should focus on your webserver logs, forget about wordpress for now. your config is not right at the webserver level, before wordpress comes into play.

Hendricks: Its silly. there should be a theme options settings page and the customizer

Maltese: Opsec: the error is generated by wordpress, though

Boone: PErhaps, but separating options insto many pages gives a poor user experience

Barch: Winland: not necessarily.

Jacinthe: Having them all in one location makes the most sense

Savaria: Pac: you’re misintrpreting it.

Slaney: Winland: maybe in ONE use case

Bruh: Winland: but there’s plenty of other use cases where settings relating specifically to a theme don’t need to be done on a small left hand sidebar while viewing the front end of your site

Filipovich: Bu***and: wordpress-org-now-requires-theme-authors-to-use-the-customizer-to-build-theme-options">http://wptavern.com/wordpress-org-now-requires-theme-authors-to-use-the-customizer-to-build-theme-options

Savaria: Pac: you see it as “wordpress errors” because you’re looking at it as a user. through wordpress. look at your webserver error logs for both http and https. also you site should not load any http only https.

Coones: Opsec: webservers error logs are empty, access logs just say 403.

Percontino: Filipovich: dumb. there’s room for both ways or dealing with site settings.

Kovaleski: Sounds like they’re just trying to force people into THEIR way.

Savaria: You’re looking at the wrong logs then

Barks: Opsec: how can I be in the wrong logs if the access log says 403?

Bahr: Winland: oh really? so customizer is supposed to remove all the “theme options” pages

Mekonis: Is there a way to copy a post?

Juback: I seem to be blind if there is

Savaria: 403 is a forbidden, permissions/ownership issue

Bahr: Emil_: i think there’s a plugin

Bahr: Or just get_post and wp_insert_post Emil_

Savaria: 403 errors are not generated by wordpress, but by httpd

Grefrath: Bahr: how can I enter those commands?

Harbin: One can’t simply copy posts?

Savaria: So either the missions or ownership of that directory is incorrect or disallowed selinux or other such problem

Puckett: Opsec: but again, wordpress is the one saying I have insufficient permissions to access /wp-admin, wordpress can generate a 403 of course it can and if it was a permissions issue like you say, why is it that changing site url in admin makes file permissions change?

Savaria: Pac: i’m 99.99% certain your webserver config is the culprit and your time would be well spent understanding your config in #httpd

Alterio: Opsec: the httpd config is a known working docker image

Rossin: That is used on 1000s of websites

Filipovich: Pac: if it works with http but not https, I’d look at ssl.conf.d to make sure it’s pointing to t he right place.

Gruzinsky: How to disable updates?

Filipovich: For your site’s virtual host

Va: Emil_: Google result for disable wordpress updates – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/disable-wordpress-updates/