Malbaurn: how weird is.

Filipovich: S3r4: OK, so if you want to add a theme from terminal, just grab the .zip file from where ever you get the theme and unzip in wp-content/themes

Filipovich: Ok. gotta go. Good luck all. stay outta trouble

Hert: I have jetpack but does it summon social sharing buttons for pages etc?

Bernskoetter: I am going to try it right now

Vidana: I’ve changed the css for postid-xxx and it works on the given post site, but under the category page view that css doesn’t work.

Slavinski: Https:// vs.

Luka: The text-align for the entry-content doesn’t work under the category page either it works on the actual post page

Fileds: Guys some of my pictures suddenly got deleted, why?

Seymer: Hello, which calendar plugin do you recommend me?

Diss: I’m building my own theme and i want to design the “blog” template, which is the best template to edit to do so?

Friesner: Initial searching has suggesting single.php

Haptonstall: Hmm… so I regenerated all the thumbnails and other sized images with larger sizes, and now I notice that some “large” and “medium” images were not generated properly. What could cause that? Could it be caused by my hosting account being throttled in I/O data rates?

Malbaurn: How do i get the_content without the_excerpt

Malbaurn: Is this just my theme including it or is this default?

Guyot: Are you listening? some of my pictures have been deleted! why?

Hunsaker: They are showing blank under media but they are there.

Malbaurn: You might have lost the link to the files

Lemp: Http://

Sanger: I am wondering something here

Guinnip: Can you insert JS into CSS with the tag shown at the end?

Galven: Under media the files are gone!

Camell: They are showing as blank

Malbaurn: You moved them on ftp?

Hilgefort: Maybe it’s permissions

Kreiser: What permissions should the folder have?

Hurban: The images are all in the uploads folder afaik

Garavelli: As far as I see** sorry

Malbaurn: What was the last action you did until that happened

Mealing: I was just editing CSS. Kahahane else

Landazuri: Which page template is rendering my “blog” page

Enstad: For the record, and somewhat offtopic, but I need to say this: f* envato

Wegweiser: Wphierarchy suggests it’s home.php, but i haven’t gone one of those .

Nucklos: Malbaurn: so what can I do?

Malbaurn: Its unlikely that it just happened all of a sudden

Malbaurn: Without any humna influence 😀

Enstad: Malbaurn, “Oh, you want to buy this $6 item? Cool. You have $6.40 credit in your account. Oh, right, you’re in EU. We’ll add VAT. Oh, right, now you need to add more credit. Oh, you want to pay with paypal? $1 more please”

Enstad: So now I’m like

Kueter: Malbaurn: dude I open the image under media and then click edit image and I see it!

Vandekieft: What the heck is that?

Rackham: But the image is not displayed when I click on the image the first time

Clemmons: I have to click edit image

Vanwormer: Malbaurn: let me give you the link so you can check

Souvannavong: How come on line 7 the link to post get_post_permalink is not working?

Haptonstall: Anyone use a lazy load plugin with image galleries successfully?

Klos: Lol Malbaurn really? :/

Nimox: I thought I was *****ed

Verone: Malbaurn: it says could not load image here

Rackett: Malbaurn: how weird is that