Jack_: the content is THEY.

Moreira: I just want to to it with a picture

Honnerlaw: Jack_: stop. just STOP BEING SO ***UE

Ciaburri: And in photoship the picture will have text over it saying “Download important information”

Mensah: Jack_: its not helping you

Onstead: Jack_: a href=’/my-do***ent.pdf”img src=”/some-image.jpg” //a

Cabrara: Jack_: yes sir. it is.

Krajewski: Jack_: what TYPE of file are they downloading. why should people download the info instead of just SEE it on your site?

Brillhart: I just said it was a pdf.

Jarrett: Jack_: these are questions which have been posed to you that have not gotten answers/

Cooperrider: Jack_: thats only a portion of the question answered

Onstead: Important pdfs, because “important” ;

Hilborn: Becsuae thats the format its in. They are do***ents that are produced outside the realm of site. They are newsletters and information packets

Rack: Jack_: why cant you tell us what type of content you are talking about. is it product manuals? is it game cheat sheets? etc

Heynen: They are signup forms

Bosh: Jack_: that sounds quite awful. click a post title to DOWNLOAD a news letter sounds terrible

Manvelyan: Ok, Jack_ just totally lost you.

Manvelyan: Download a signup form?

Onstead: Signup a download form

Wedgworth: Manvelyan: well to be fair. there are signup forms outside of the digital world lol

Lagunas: Its the newsletters that killed me

Guilfoil: Jack_: is this for yourself or a client?

Brouillet: People still read digital nwsletters

Stenbeck: Jack_: what type of business?

Bolfa: I mean come on guys – i know youre having fun, but I am in basic land

Ennist: Its a local poltical site

Manvelyan: I publish newsletters online in PDF but I don’t really expect anyone to print them.

Luscombe: Who said they have to print them?

Onstead: Jack_: trust me, this isn’t fun ;

Branen: They are going to read them

Tenore: Jack_: and people dont DOWNLOAD news letters/ They might read them when they come in the mail or email. but they tend to never download and read a newsletter. thats just silliness

Liew: Of course you do Manvelyan.why doesnt that surprise me

Fralick: It’s silliness to share an online version of a newsletter?

Manvelyan: Http://slneighbors.org

Onstead: Winter is coming y’all

Kezar: Jack_: an ONLINE version that doesnt require a file download. sure. why not? thats basically the purpose of BLOGS

Kaestner: PRactically every non-for porfit organziaiton does that

Onstead: Manvelyan: try the brownie crisps.

Zill: Jack_: and MOST non for profits are typically sorely behind the tech. times.

Manvelyan: Anyhow…. Jack_ the gallery idea will still work

Wienert: Hussey, that did not query the blog posts . I will attempt to modify the query to look for the custom post type I created

Morrow: Thats not the topic of conversation though

Ewoldt: Wienert: oh shoot sorry. i forgot to update my args with yours

Manvelyan: Opsec: I sat on the couch the other night dumping the crumbs from a bag of them directly into my mouth

Maskell: What does the content have to do with anuthing?

Onstead: Wienert: are you *only* using types or do you have a toolset subscription?

Caulfield: Jack_: the thing is though. that data architecture/ what your doing/ what your data is/ and how is all part of the conversation

Wienert: Only using types, opsec

Wada: Jack_: the content is THEY purpose for the site. or at least that part of the site. so what the content is is VERY important. its sad that you dont understand this. Sad for your clients mostly