And I tried to change some.

Jeng: Dermody: still working on it?

Jeng: Customizer has to be looking good by now :-

Dermody: Jeng: jphase is helping me,

Destina: Wow neat, I just learned what divstyle { something: 10px !important; } does

Cran: Minus the ‘something’ part lol

Fleischner: ScoDal: you mean how to select elements in a DOM?

Keanu: Yes to override inline styles by css only when modifying otherwise isn’t an option

Pattengale: ScoDal: you should not really ever have any inline styles. ever

Arpin: ScoDal: unless it’s required by some kind of javascript or added/removed by js

Hanses: They are eval I know, this isn’t my site. I’m just making it mobile friendly

Lorah: ScoDal: your styles should ALWAYS be in your stylesheet

Faries: Does somebody know a way to change the css of nextgen gallery pro?

Cottle: You can have inline styles, for generated html

Rozga: Znf: html generated by.

Knape: Whatever generates html can generate a style tag with it that’s filtered

Bluett: Still no reason for inline nasteh

Gruber: I am only paid to make it mobile friendly, trying to stay in this persons style.css only, plus it’s magento, not my favorite thing to work on

Jeng: Cliffer: if only there were to seach the entire internet to find such answers.

Byerly: You are paid to make an ecommerce site mobile friendly but you didnt know how to select selectors in the DOM?

Stremel: I’ve never needed to, I usually build from scratch so I don’t do inline styles

Froid: Yea that doesnt make sense

Jeng: Cliffer:

Imboden: You mean you just learned what the “!important” tag does? lol

Bertha: I knew, I didn’t know the style part to select a div that didn’t have an id or cl***

Krieg: ScoDal: ok. i guess that is better

Osumi: Just thought it was neat

Fallo: Things CSS3 are deprecated

Lamoore: Anyway carry on, I just needed to rejoice somewhere

Mebane: Jeng: thankds for your effort

Babitsch: Jeng: but i only learn from the result, that it is not possible

Beddard: Cliffer: nthen you will fail miserably in this industry

Hogan: Hello, I have a question about custom query : I query a specific category posts, however, If I publish more than 283 elements in this category, I got “Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0”

Marti: Scavotto: i suppose you mean someone else

Borson: A specific “category posts” Nialcen . ? You mean query a specific category for posts related to it?

Fenoglio: Cliffer: oh no. I meant you

Brehony: Cliffer: if you cant learn by googling, you will fail in this industry

Singer: Scavotto : yep, my categroy is named “arme”, and I query all posts from this category.

Groskreutz: Sometimes I Yahoo how to Google on Bing

Moncayo: Nialcen: have you cleared your cache?

Ernsberger: Scavotto: i learned from googling. the answer to my question is: it is not possible

Lauster: Server/page cache that is

Laskowski: Nialcen: and that query you are using works fine if you have fewer posts?

Renzo: As I have 284 or more, it crash, lest, it work flawlessly

Gornick: Cliffer: incorrect. The answer is found by googling for your question.

Paynes: If I have more than 283 posts with “published” status in this category, It crash

Brostoff: Nialcen: but you have verified if you have fewer number of posts it works?

Wilabay: If I have less, it works

Beaureguard: And I tried to change some posts, to check if it was not some corrupted data in some posts