Higuchi, thank you.it’s a.

Bochat: Https://bpaste.net/show/1b6ee13cb281 — Why doesn’t this modal dialog appear as a window?

Loften: Higuchi open/closed principle vs . functions -I had seen this on Twitter, and I questioned myself if people who wrote this is joking or not

Domine: So I presume that when I have a app.js that requires stock.js and ui.js, and the latte individually require jquery, browserify will ensure jquery is not included twice in its output?

Cavanagh: I don’t really understand typed arrays even after the MDN reading. Can anyone shed some insight about what they are and when. You

Palazzi: Is like writing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_instruction_set_computer vs functions.and make people see how you can do anything with only one instruction

Leduc: Kamuela_iOS: when you need a bunch of numbers and it’s important to you that they are linear in memory and all the same type

Blonigan: And you dont need them to be dynamically sized

Durant: The array to be dynamically sized

Wittich: So when you say it’s important, you mean this is optimized for speed

Lavanway: Did anybody see my paste: https://bpaste.net/show/1b6ee13cb281 ?

Garver: If you’re p***ing data off to opengl, for example

Nicolaisen: Emaczen: do you need to include the jquery ui css?

Windham: I understand the speed bit. In fact that’s what I thought the only use would be. But then MDN hella confused me

Raisbeck: Tcsc: No, the issue is that there is no “window”

Wegweiser: Window.alert”string” creates a new window right?

Lainson: But this modal dialog does not have a window.

Climes: Yeah, have you included the css?

Castenada: The actually look of the window is provided by htat.

Schirm: Idk, it’s part of the library you downloaded.

Jurkowski: Kamuela_iOS: well, it also has some other uses as well

Gammons: Kamuela_iOS they’re also useful with cordova, when you’re communicating between a native layer and JS

Katon: Tcsc: I’m just using jquery-ui.

Stamdifer: Var a = new Uint8Array1; a0 = 234234234.12; a0

Kesterson: Emaczen: it’s part of the jqueyr ui download

Bolfa: Tcsc: I just have a script src tag

Arvin: You need to get the stylesheet from somewhere.

Tumaneng: Var a = new Uint8ClampedArray1; a0 = 234234234.12; a0

Dapinto: Tcsc: Thanks, I can probably find an example with the stylesheet link

Cryderman: How did you implement the capturing stack traces? I’m going to read this both later – https://github.com/stacktracejs/stacktrace.js/issues/26 and https://bugsnag.com/blog/js-stacktraces

Soffa: Var a = new Uint8Array0xff, 0xaa, 0xbb, 0xcc, b = new Uint32Arraya.buffer; b0.toString16

Wakley: Tcsc: string ‘ccbbaaff’

Wiesemann: Kamuela_iOS: so those are some of the things you need typed arrays to do

Midcap: Most important is probably native interfacing webgl, canvas, i guess cordova, etc. and performance though

Orison: Tcsc: not gonna lie I’m completely lost. Am I just tired or are those really obtuse uses that are over my head

Kallenberger: Var a = new Uint8Array1; a0 = 234234234.12; a0

Schepens: That converted to a int and w****d around until it awas within the range betwene 0 and 255

Settler: The one with the Uint8ClampedArray did the same thing, but clamped to 255

Maxedon: Oh Jesus. Still not sure why it’s useful but that is a crazy fancy behavior

Reyome: And the last one i wrote out a uint32 by the individual bytes, 0xff, 0xaa, 0xbb, 0xcc it was backwards because x86 is a little endian architecture

Krumbach: The number is the number of bits.

Essix: Hannibal_Smith: http://blog.cleancoder.com/uncle-bob/2014/11/24/FPvsOO.html

Ferandez: So a is an unsigned byte

Pero: Higuchi, thank you.it’s a good thing that was only trolling