So its 20px bigger than the.

Brzuchalski: You have a JS error on your page, it shows up in the console

Denet: So if it’s something with her site/theme/whatever. if it’s unrelated to the Tabs, it’s out of scope for me and I don’t care. xD

Marzili: The error is with her opt-in form evidently. This line: jQuery’.et_bloom_submit_subscription’.html’LET’S CHAT’; it fails to escape the ‘ in “LET’S”

Peshlakai: That’s not for me to deal with, though.

Patel: That’s some plugin she uses for that annoying popup.

Raul: Can you help me translate/pinpoint the click event thing?

Sirolli: Inspect element on a tab highlight li.vc_tta-tab Event Listeners Click Gobbledygook.

Brzuchalski: Should tell you the js file it came from

Packingham: I tried to click around and it just keeps taking me to the jQuery core whatever.

Suleski: To some minified long *** string I have no idea.

Przybyl: Still digging, brb off and on.

Brzuchalski: Oh, chromes inspector *****s that up

Brzuchalski: Firefox’s is way better for this stuff

Hinegardner: I turned off ancestors and now I’m not randomly clicking through every click event for the page. That was helpful.

Pallafor: It looks like something specifically targeting anchor links is hi******* the VC Tabs. I’m looking for a way to find out where it’s coming from so I can see how to remove it or maybe retarget it to exclude the tab module.

Griblin: I’m going to run out and get the girlfriend lunch since she’s nagging. I guess when I come back I’ll install firefox and give it a go with their inspector.

Arietta: Probably going to be worse of a h***le considering I never used it.

Vicory: The default styles for a tag are gone?

Brzuchalski: Only if theres other css overriding them

Zimmel: Brzuchalski: wierd.i’m not overriding and no styles are showing up.

Brzuchalski: Are you using your inspector?

Sherk: Brzuchalski: yea, check it:

Brzuchalski: Ah, normally it has to be a link to be styled

Lodrigue: Bombo,

Ernspiker: Brzuchalski: ahhh i see, I don;t want it to redirect though

Brzuchalski: Then don’t put anything in the href

Kumar: Brzuchalski: it’ll still refresh the page

Brzuchalski: Well, yes, thats the purpose of a link, to take you to another page

Brzuchalski: If it doesn’t take you anywhere, its not really a link

Steppig: Brzuchalski: i guess.back to the old fashioned way. styling divs like anchors

Brzuchalski: Well, thats not really old fashioned

Brzuchalski: If its not a link, a a isn’t the correct element

Stahly: Brzuchalski: It is a greyish area because you can set the href to an element on the same page which isn’t really a “link”.

Brzuchalski: How is that not a link?

Brzuchalski: It links to a different part of a page

Pennigton: Hey guys, I’m having a hard time getting my little toggle-box to look right justifing radio/buttons Could someone give me some insight to my insanity?

Mullikin: Hi. Am I able to show an issue using JSFiddle or is it preferred a ‘live url’?

Lamke: Brilliant. Would anyone mind taking a look at this issue I am having with my four column layout, please? – The fourth column appears to have a larger height than the rest. Last .col-1-4

Silverman: Still a learning curve so I may be doing something silly. :

Dilliner: Hello. I’m using some css to replace checkboxes but it apparently only works in chrome. Anyone know what might be more cross-browser compatible?

Brzuchalski: Jhine: because you set padding:0; on the last one

Brzuchalski: So its 20px bigger than the others