Volund: don’t use default.

Ditto: Now everything is clear

Semonick: Dovid: you can, the link I provided shows how to set the tmpdir

Ammon: Blade: I didnt see. thanks

Brittman: Dovid: beware, if your ssd is mounted directly at /var/lib/mysql you might not want to set tmpdir to a subdir of the datadir so someone doesnt “drop database tmp”

Leske: When does it use the /tmp/ dir?

Brittman: Dovid: show engine innodb statusG and couple tiny files created during start up

Brittman: Dovid: but mostly during:

Yazzie: Dovid: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/internal-temporary-tables.html

Twogood: Brittman: and during the later of a table?

Brittman: Dovid: yes if using “online ddl”

Hudson: BlaDe: how much data at the moment not much which uses a db forum db is only 90MB, we want to use a cms soon . at leat 2k articles and +/- 100K img wordpress will create for each img a post

Rousselle: _Zodiac: then imo just set it to 1gb and forget about it for now

Peroni: _Zodiac: no point having a 4gb buffer pool for 90mb

Deyarmin: Are those write sequential or random read/writes?

Berndt: BlaDe: so following settings should not be an issue http://pastie.org/private/mgix0nlnfyljdgnmkq7gg

Brittman: Dovid: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/innodb-create-index-limitations.html

Button: Brittman: Strange. When I create new tables I see them in datadir with a # in front of the file name

Daven: BlaDe: reason is, dev db is showing this http://picpaste.com/latin1-to-utf8mb4-rldPOO1K.png with main settings.and thats crap imho

Brittman: Dovid: are you partitioning them?, or using create table as?

Griesinger: _Zodiac: i’d recommend running http://mysqltuner.com/ when you run the settings and iterate as needed

Brantley: During the alter the new file is #234234 something like that

Brittman: You said during create

Panela: BlaDe: wow thnx for that link

Brittman: Dovid: are you adding a non-unique secondary index in this alter, or something else?

Yasui: BlaDe: so I ´only´ need to put settings as show in the pasty to my.cnf .save it and service mysql restart ?

Jeanneret: Http://pastebin.com/UG8AwEfR — does anyone grok this?

Hoffmeyer: It looks like the InnoDB plugin failed and the whole server barfed.

Cowels: Possibly ran out of memory?

Sellards: OS error code 12: Cannot allocate memory

Lupton: Yes, not enough memory

Brittman: Volund: did you check dmesg for OOM

Brittman: Volund: a guess is some web service like mod_php used a bunch of memory, mysqld was killed by OOM and then unable to start because that other thing still had all of the memory

Brittman: Volund: the kernel kills mysqld because it is the single biggest consumer, if if something else is a ton of smaller memory users

Anderlik: I don’t know what dmesg is. hold on though I’m putting webmin on here so I can more easily see what’s going on

Laiche: This VPS has 500mb of RAM. is that enough to run a webserver and mysql?

Keiter: Volund: a HTTP server needs 50-60MB at most.

Griem: I wonder what happened to the RAM then that made it overload

Keiter: Volund: the problem is the dynamic language, like php.

Choe: Mediawiki + some badly coded crud

Keiter: Volund: you should use a small php-fpm pool, then.

Keiter: Volund: limit it to 2 or 3 processes, so that leaves 250MB or so for mysqld

Flaming: No idea what that means but I’ll look it up. :

Heinzen: This VPS is using all default settings for pretty much everything if that tells you anything.

Keiter: Volund: that’s terrible.

Keiter: Volund: don’t use default values!