Wrksx, I suppose for you I.

Arguilez: Zaherdirkey: should be. had to say without knwoing roughly version on each hover the client/server protocol is adaptave.

Kohner: SamSagaZ: http://jan.kneschke.de/projects/mysql/groupwise-max/ http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/example-maximum-column-group-row.html

Arguilez: You are after the max date out of a group

Lillie: Arguilez: its already done

Arguilez: Of course i’md quite tired and could be missing something.

Halphen: Just trying to run a subquery first

Keywan: To filter by suppliers

Harwell: Will the slow query counter increment if slow query logging is off?

Garbett: This counter increments regardless of whether the slow query log is enabled

Marquitz: Ok thats what i hoped

Aholt: Psynor: Should be obvious and it is very easy to test it yourself

Arguilez: Hint select sleep15; is a slow query. speaking of sleep., about that time for me :-

Loy: Howdy. We have two tables – ‘users’ and ‘trips’ – and a ‘user trips’ because a user can have many trips and vice versa.

Deppe: How can we check if a trip is referenced by more than one user_trip?

Quencer: Use GROUP BY and COUNT

Fenster: What’s the minimum as well as default if bad data is input value for DECIMAL types? I’m getting a bunch of -999999999999.999999 values

Haywood: Benjwadams: seems like you found it for whatever you put as the widths

Momon: Naktibalda: Sorry, I have no idea about that manual entry.

Carrasquillo: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/fixed-point-types.html

Wofford: In this queyr http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/23aac/2 im getting min/max values from all the products, is possible to make some kind of group daily/weekly/monthly?

Clayter: For example to just check min/max using the same day info?

Salameh: The stock are updated twice/day

Wah: SELECT productVariationId, MINproductVariationStockAS MINSTOCK, MAXproductVariationStock AS MAXSTOCK FROM productvariations GROUP BY DAYproductVariationUpdate; but cant combine with the other query

Kilkus: Hey would one of you know if possible to connect to mysqld from c#.net using ssl and client certificate

Cerritos: SamSagaZ: try this: SELECT MINIFproductVariationUpdate CURDATE, productVariationStock, NULL As min_today, MINIFproductVariationUpdate CURDATE – INTERVAL 1 WEEK, productVariationStock, NULL As min_this_week

Kilkus: Naktibalda, okay thanks for letting me know ;-

Zbranek: Naktibalda: looks complex! let me try it

Kilkus: Can’t find the c#.net connector do***entation

Kilkus: Haywood, take care, karma might make some giant rock fall on the top of your head

Haywood: It does every time I have to work with java

Kilkus: Salvation, mysql manual provide the cmdline to convert from pem to the correct one

Rotolo: Dont work, maybe i dont explain very well what im trying to do :/ i need to query the productsvariations DB and extract productVariationId, min/max from productVariationStock and display that values but just daily/monthly. so later i can build a graph with that info to see the products variation

Kilkus: SamSagaZ, I maybe not very focused on your issue, but I can’t understand your last sentence, specially the “and display that values but just daily/monthly” part

Adling: Wrksx: yes, my english sux.

Saladino: I have a table where i store all the stock variations

Giannini: SamSagaZ: add period to GROUP BY

Cunnigham: Ok, brb, goto pickup the childrens

Kilkus: Did you know windows has a “personal store” ?

Tercero: Wrksx, yes- make sure you are looking at the personal store of the user running mysql

Kilkus: Xemdetia, hey you there !

Kilkus: Xemdetia, you everywhere this week =

Schwaner: Wrksx, I suppose for you I am :