Just asking about paint.

Hsun: Ditto, living in Germany though

Ling: Yes that is scary isnt it

Viner: Ok, nice. Which location about? I live in Zwolle. I have a sister near Leer.

Viner: Oh, never heard of that :

Losolla: Lmao Bocholt neighbourhood

Schnapp: Doetinchem horizontal to the right 90 km or some

Viner: Ah, yes, I see it. Not too far away then

Viner: Going to WordCamp NL this month? I am, for the first time

Viner: Utrecht, Hoogh Catharijne, 26 and 27 I think

Hessee: Ah okay.will look if I am able to.if then I will let you know!

Coppage: Anyway, WP has no unicersal rules for db tables collation as it seem so that will be even more fun then already is.performance wise

Viner: That would maybe even make it easier for plugin devs. Just convert all tables, or none

Heptinstall: Have to do that everytime after finding out a plugin uses another one.creapy business .eawww

Scharer: I’m just starting out with wordpress

Defrancesco: Hello Suloo, welcome to a world of less headache ;

Salsberry: Yea i’ve been told that

Sivertson: Now it’s time to check it out

York: Got some tuts to grasp the basics

Traughber: Any recommendations for startup in addition?

Paleo: Suloo: Check out http://underscores.me/ – Underscores is a starter theme ment to be the base of your next awesome theme, try it out!

Lacki: Also looking for bootstrap integration

Bockelmann: But i can also google that

Defrancesco: Suloo: I’d recommend starting with a barebones theme like underscores and adding your own integration for CSS frameworks bootstrap, foundation, or otherwise

Defrancesco: A lot of the themes that pre-roll those things don’t do it very elegantly IMHO

Vandegraaff: First i thought i’d skip cms completely, since joomla was frustrating as soon as a page becomes bigger

Borns: Now i sketch stuff with pi*****w

Varga: Wich is fun, and since they also do WP theme building i thought i’d check it out now

Makekau: Garuti, little familiar with wp dbase?

Kabacinski: Suloo i think you spelled your name wrong. its SULU

Gou: No that was not my intention

Wicketts: I know eveybody thinks that, but it’s not

Weiser: Thats my music project name basically

Derby: Https://soundcloud.com/suloo-music

Meecham: Hussey: how can i edit the display in a post

Manvelyan: Interesting: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">http://wptavern.com/a-bug-in-chrome-45-causes-wordpress-admin-menu-to-break

Lento: Manvelyan: yes. that has been “big news” for the last 24 hours

Wend: Suloo: easy fix. disable paint slimming

Manvelyan: I’ve been IRL a lot over that time. :-

Pittari: What is paint slimming?

Zogopoulos: Suloo: its a chromium “feature”

Loach: And what should i fix with that?

Slaubaugh: That people think i’m a trecky? 😀

Shatto: Hussey: Suppose you have postA and postB, id like postA to have siderbar on rightside and postB to have sidebar on leftside

Poff: Suloo: my suggestion was for you to google what Paint Slimming is and that it’s a chromium thing

Manvelyan: Django_: that’s confusing for users

Zelkin: Manvelyan: I am practicing

Rhyner: Suloo: easy fix. disable paint slimming

Caldera: Django_: practicing without purpose is silly

Beavis: Hussey: Purpose: Working with WP

Manvelyan: Suloo: see wptavern.com

Defrancesco: Guys, Suloo never reported having that issue with his/her menu

Defrancesco: Just asking about paint slimming in general I think