Each tile might have any.

Feerick: We use less but i mostly write it like css

Leandro: That’s a nice thing about everything going responsive, pixel perfect isn’t as much of a thing anymore

Feerick: Fooey: they want both :/

Rizor: Flexbox all the thiiiiings

Feerick: I didnt use flexbox because it seemed like i would have to learn two syntaxes to support ie10 as well

Feerick: Which i’m pretty sure this project needs

Steigman: How do I redirect to a url to a popup box using js in html code?

Feerick: 5fps or something for me

Feerick: I wonder if you could specify the scene in css and just manipulate transform-origin or something and have it work better

Tompkins: 5 fps, not super good

Espiridion: I get fluid fps but. chrome isn’t showing lightning effects

Vizcarrondo: On firefox it just crashed

Heyes: Tcsc, Autoprefixer keeps you from having to hand-write the old flexbox stuff for IE10.

Feerick: I used prefix-free here

Feerick: Oh wow chrome is much smoother

Feerick: I guess that makes sense

Feerick: Firefox tends to be better on raw number crunching code and webgl for me but chrome might be better for dom crap

Rizor: Contini: I know, right?

Feerick: Super smooth on chrome though

Feerick: Dunno why the difference would be so uh, profound

Rizor: Maybe firefox isn’t using the GPU to accelerate the css for some reason

Rizor: Anyway, autoprefixer++

Rizor: There are also some good s*** mixins out there to do the cross-browser stuff. don’t know about less tho

Heeren: Heh, looks like the movement and rotation are only updating two elements’ style 3d pos and rot properties

Keitsock: I mostly ignored less/s*** for a long time but I recently started looking at them and holy crap are they great

Keitsock: Everything that my meta programmer brain loves about writing code implemented in CSS land

Sivils: I use S*** pretty much 100% of the time.

Keitsock: Now if I can get my devs to understand them better

Feijoo: Variables and nesting selectors end up being the most important tools for me.

Radish: Mixins are nice, though I have to admit that LESS handles them better.

Keitsock: Less is the one that doesn’t use native css syntax though right? that was a big no-go for me

Keitsock: Like you can’t just dump some css into a less project and start using it, it needed converted to less? or am I thinking of another one

Easly: Keitsock, Yeah, I think that’s how LESS works.

Buban: Keitsock, Old S*** syntax was the same way, but most people use scss these days.

Feerick: We use less and i use like

Feerick: And i use a mixin for fonts

Werkheiser: Has anyone here experimented with doing world-gen or AI in web-workers?

Feerick: I dont write much css though

Feerick: Werkheiser: ime the overhead of p***ing back and forth outweighs the benefit for anything that takes less than a second

Feerick: Also generally doing AI in a separate thread is pretty annoying to manage

Feerick: Although since webworkers dont have shared memory it might be easier

Feerick: World gen would probably be fine

Feerick: Werkheiser: actually you can certainly do way better than a second but its a pain to do anything in a web worker

Feerick: World gen is probably one of the few exceptions though

Werkheiser: Tcsc: I’m trying to do world gen “at speed” though

Werkheiser: It seems my bottleneck is constructing entity component objects

Werkheiser: Each tile might have any number of entities on it, and for each entity it might have a number of compoonents and each component is a small js object