Also $’ #priceLeft.h3 ‘ .h3.

Burwood: For sure. Here’s to hoping answers arrive! :

Serbus: Cork: wanna take a look at #css again? 😛

Poythress: Hello, i am new to jquery, is there any script i can use to create the type of slide found on

Bjorkquist: Dapseen: look this or somethings like slider jquery

Keirstead: Hey guys, I made this:

Keirstead: But Im looking for a way to make the toggle more smooth, is that possible? :

Keirstead: Slidetoggle is doing nothing

Bjorkquist: Keirstead: $.toggle’slow’;

Perfetti: I’m trying to use $do***ent.on’click’. on a div inside a google map, is this outside the scope of do***ent?

Vermeesch: Bongjovi: maps is normally loaded in an iframe if i remember correctly

Heidel: Inspect the dom and see

Thoroughman: Haven’t used it in a long while

Bironas: And the api has changed quite a bit since

Hagebusch: If you run a website in an iframe is it possible to change things on the site you “iframing” via JQ? Like labels for Example

Huter: Only if they fall into the same security context same domain normally

Armstong: Hey anyone here familiiar with jquery mobile

Sanderfer: I’m using it with phonegap and i’m loading external html files via JS for an mvc template

Fossati: Thing is i don’t know if this works with the back button

Oltremari: Http:// — what’s wrong with line 20 of javascript pane or what else can I do?

Burel: Hi guys, could someone tell me what I am doing wrong here, I am not getting the alert. –

Joecks: Blinky_: 1. don’t use event attributes, 2. don’t use alert for debugging, that is what we have console.log for

Collette: CallID is not defined

Bettes: Hi, I am trying to get jQuery to set selected in a multiselect but its not working.

Barley: Blinky_:

Menietto: Scholtz: your css is breaking the page. blocks the loading.

Ambagis: Cork: sorry, try now

Hayworth: Scholtz: you can’t set select with an array to val

Ipson: Val only works for single select

Camidge: You have to check what the plugin has to manage that

Jarrett: If I comment out line 1 it selects them

Nealeigh: Scholtz: cool, that is actually news to me

Kuhns: Cool, wonder when that was added

Beaushaw: Scholtz: anyway, the plugin replaces the select element

Stys: With jquery mobile, is there a way to have one header that stays that same, and then just load all the other content externally

Sink: So it won’t behave like it normally would and this is why you should normally avoid doing this

Ferren: Any idea how I can get it to work with the plugin

Hummer: You would have to check the do***entation of the plugin

Lashute: I suspect it has either a refresh function or a set function

Sharpton: Scholtz:

Tibbs: From what I can see this is what they say to use $’select.SlectBox’0.sumo.selectItem2;

Driscoll: But how can I replace 2 with “Ladies Fashions”

Melgoza: Again check the plugin do***entation

Himenez: The answer might be “you can’t”

Haugaard: I have a problem with this

Poepping: Http://

Linz: How do i gets its calculate correct ?

Rolls: Jhave: what is the problem with it?

Kendle: Also $’ #priceLeft.h3 ‘ .h3 is pointless, you already have an id