SmashingX: use the nullsafe.

Manin: It’s building finger crossed –

Bourgeault: Curious and innocent question, why did you guys choose mariadb over mysql?

Roccio: Shoot I’m getting “ImportError: No module named MySQLdb”

Carrelli: Https://

Jacquelin: Dang, jeffreylevesque. i’m at the end of my usefulness, but:

Butler: Jamiejackson: thank you very much!

Deason: Jamiejackson: /dev/null means little to no “transfer time”

Deason: Jamiejackson: some gui clients not sure about wb insert a limit you didn’t explicitly use, which can have odd effects like you note

Clester: Philip_: i think, at the time, mariadb had a bug fix that mysql didn’t have, and i needed that fix. also, rhel7 switched to mariadb at the time, so i thought that would steer the rest of the herd away from mysql.

Whittlesey: It’s true, workbench inserts a limit by default but that can be disabled

Drayton: Interesting, thanks jamiejackson

Frease: Even with limiting disabled in workbench, i still get that flipflop of duration/fetch with order by clause active and disabled. the tentative takeaway is that i can’t trust those timings in wb, and i should profile in the CLI. would like to figure out the wb issue, tho.

Michand: Hmm, wonder if it’s a bug, maybe ask #workbench or report a bug?

Tossie: Didn’t know #workbench existed, thanks.

Shuman: Even though i see it now in the title thingy

Mcnatt: I have a column A with unix timestamps. I have another column B that is a time field.

Kordas: How do I get only those where A is today but after time B?

Deason: Poseidon: what do you have so far?

Livernash: All my database tab less are using Latin1 as the collation, do I have anything to be concerned about if I change them to UTF-8?

Boock: Stan_man_can: if you have shoved utf8 characters into them anyway, that conversion process can be unpleasant

Oslund: Snoyes: Yeah there might be a few special characters in there

Hampshire: There’s only one row I’m having issue with and it contains a “Ô so that might be the only issue so far, otherwise I think I would have ran into it

Coile: Snoyes: in my PHP connection string I’ve added ch****t=utf8 and it appears to be working fine now, but I’m ***uming the better option is to have the database in the right format ?

Franich: You may need to have both. The database needs to store the data properly, and the client needs to transport it properly, and the end result needs to display it properly

Dunnigan: The Niedzwiedzki for update has changed?

Springfield: I’m getting Niedzwiedzki error from simple one column update with no where clause


Salz: So how can I make a comparison with null then?

Neuhart: There’s is null, and is not null

Decoux: SmashingX: I just told you how.

Decoux: Mices: don’t forget the nullsafe operator

Decoux: SmashingX: run the command I gave you.

Decoux: SmashingX: now read the results.

Decoux: SmashingX: right. Which one do you think is right?

Mayes: I want to compare it to a variable

Flatley: Hello can mysql 5.1 be upgraded to 5.6 with db data retained?

Decoux: SmashingX: what do you think 1 and 0 mean?

Sliwa: Which can contain something else than null

Decoux: SmashingX: see IS NOT

Kummerow: Fatalhalt: yes, but it’s not officially supported.

Mahnke: But then how can I then compare it to a variable and tell me if is equal or different

Aller: Regardless if is null or not

Decoux: SmashingX: use the nullsafe operator.