So a little curious what’s.

Wakley: Nucleartide: undefined

Joynson: Nucleartide: whilec = false ?

Menck: Higuchi: helping out LearningJS

Carsno: Higuchi: apparently that expression above gives him/her an infinite loop

Steitzer: Higuchi: I have this webpage that I am working on On line 13, there is a script that allows the user to open an image into the img. On lines 64 and 66, there are buttons that should apply a filter to that image it does not. What is the problem?

Wakley: Nucleartide: boolean false

Ricard: Nucleartide: seems like that would never loop

Winders: Higuchi: What do you think?

Checkett: Though you have to wonder what happens to Wakley if it gets an infinite loop

Wakley: Nucleartide: Timeout Error: Execution time exceeded 4 seconds

Spadafora: Higuchi: why is the onlick not working?

Fraccola: Themanu: have you confirmed the onclick event is actually not fireing

Hendershott: Try something super simple like onclick=console.log’hello, there’

Nasalroad: Themanu, there is an error at 67

Trucchi: Workisfun: for just nuking the div, you should be able to get away with using just javascript and the DOMContentLoaded event, which triggers when the initial HTML doc is loaded and p****d, but doesn’t wait for stylesheets, images, frames, and such.

Wakley: Workisfun: DOMContentLoaded – Event reference MDN

Auston: Make the other person do everything

Gutrerrez: Yes but that’s no fun

Cott: Nasalroad: that still does not work

Brehm: Nasalroad: what show this be? button type=”button” cl***=”button style1″ onclick=”do***ent.getElementById’myimage’.style.filter = ‘sepia100%'” Blue/button

Toyama: Higuchi: even menial labor is fun, because then it turns out there’s some way to automate it

Bullion: Nucleartide: How do we automate typing?

Cascio: Put catnip on your keyboard

Turrubiates: Or use a good text editor like vim

Lippman: To type as little as possible

Cascio: Or a graphical editor to type even less

Nasalroad: Themanu, it works here :

Gobeli: Trucchi:i think i was trying that last night, maybe i didn’t test it yet. ill look into it again thanks!

Trucchi: It might start to render it first though, I’ve never actually tried this

Oceguera: Trucchi:yeah from my ***ue memory i think the page showed up first but maybe i didnt test it yet too was up too late last night

Cheshier: Nasalroad: not for me, it starts out black and white and nothing happens whin I press the button, could it be my browser?

Riviezzo: Can anyone tell me if this is correct please?

Cockman: Https://

Nasalroad: I already answered you

Feierman: Nasalroad really sorry I had to leave earlier :

Boblitt: Could you guide me again please, I appreciate it

Teagarden: Havvy: soon we’ll be able to transfer our thoughts to the computers.

Borowski: We already do, it’s called programming ideas XD

Cascio: Computer can program thoughts

Osteen: Ja3049: You’re missing context.

Clayson: Anyone can try help me i want i tryfollow this Kindley: my fiddle but not work: any advice why and try help me ?

Matusik: Any of you guys can help me correct this code please? Will be appreciated

Whisner: Can anyone point me to the backbonejs channel?

Vogler: How do I add underscore.string? I’ve added the script tag, the file is there, but I can’t call _.dasherize or dasherize

Velasques: So a little curious what’s going on but it doesn’t exist. so I’m confused.