Vadasy in.

Vadasy: Waaaay too much text yo.

Vadasy: I’m literally not going to read that.

Vitucci: Vadasy: Sorry, lol I was just trying to explain

Vadasy: Https://

Vadasy: Start with something like this.

Vadasy: Couple of things to keep in mind with resize events: 1. – don’t ever use $

Vadasy: 2. don’t put any event bindings in the event handler.

Karst: Vadasy: About the #2, you mean on resize I should never use .on’click’.?

Vadasy: Or any other event binding.

Sgroi: Vadasy: Alright, gotya!

Vadasy: That event will get bound for every instance the resize event fires.

Vadasy: Whioch means dozens of times.

Ranieri: Vadasy: I see, thank you for explaining. But now I do’ve event listeners in my resize, right?

Pittinger: Yeah, the code you sent me – I’ll go from that one you sent me, right?

Vadasy: Not guaranteeing it’ll work, but it’ll give you a place to start.

Vadasy: Also, it looks like you’re mostly just changing styles, yeah?

Solomon: Vadasy: Hmm. Not really, I’m changing cl***es or more like, adding and removing them depending on the window width

Vadasy: Right, and what do those cl***es do?

Vadasy: They change the way things look, right?

Jarmon: Well, it’s more like changing the FontAwesome icons, if you understand my point here?

Vadasy: My point is you should be using css media queries.

Mevis: Like working with display: none etc?

Vadasy: That’s one way, sure.

Klasinski: Why am I not able to select all checkboxes by a button click ?****/pen/qOOMea

Vadasy: Arup_r open your console.

Vadasy: Also, in js pls – not cs

Ginocchio: I opened my console. No error I see

Kotula: Alright, I see – but what about the replacement for the section on a lower screen? I want as I tried to explain before, I want to move the .project-info section underneath the paragraph, more like inside the .wrap section

Vadasy: Arup_r open your console and reload.

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere sounds like you want resonsive styles and css, not js.

Vadasy: Arup_r i see $ is undefined

Vadasy: Arup_r are you sure you’re not filtering out errors?

Kool: Vadasy: I’ll try do figure it out, I’ll be back if I’m way to confused and lost

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere you’ll want to head to #css in that case.

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere js is the wrong tool for this particular case :

Fenton: Vadasy: Alright, thank you so much for your time! :

Chenevert: I have a small problem using this script : it worked, but it does not any more. No error, but even the console.log for test does not trigger. Here is the page green arrows arround masks

Mclear: Can someone tell me how i can get the second radio button in a do***ent

Vadasy: Arup_r that’s the error i’m getting.

Vadasy: Lehl0r check out .eq and .get

Vadasy: Nialcen i’m not seeing the greeen arrows. make a fiddle?

Bristol: Where you saw the error ? in Codepen

Vadasy: Nialcen also, where is your code on the page?

Keesling: Vadasy : you see the character head ? Just above you have some costume mask, and 2 greens arrows, one left, one right

Vadasy: Nialcen yeah i see them now. where’s the code on this page?

Hellings: But why would it tell that $ is not defined. I am not seeing any wrong in my code.

Vadasy: Arup_r because jquery isn’t loaded in the codepen.

Vadasy: Arup_r

Parton: Vadasy in div#content