Medfly: pt-show-grants .

Shunk: You keep making mistakes, even after admitting the requirements don’t allow use of an enum.

Kibbee: It’s not static. Otherwise, you have to provide a mechanism to solve all these problem.

Bisbee: TheRealGent: If you want the java enum to be the source of the data, fine. You need to add that add a mechanism to bring the database up to speed at any restart of the java application, to account for enum changes.

Slostad: That’s not even your question. Your question was about joining with information_schema. It’s possible to do that. But then you need to also understand enough about your ORM to allow the join, because of the form the data is stored. It’s just not the right form.

Wada: Salle: Talk about ugly hacks :!9/73a8b/3

Clyatt: Xgc: It would be fine if that WHERE 1=1 wasn’t there :

Kuh: Salle: I needed to comment the schema_name. Bad habit.

Bachinski: Salle: a fingerprint of an ORM, I suspect

Juen: An appropriate hack in a hack.

Fluegel: I do that from time to time when I don’t want to worry about the WHERE keyword.

Clyatt: It is a strange feeling to be back home from week vacation and see such a good example of Dunning-Krueger effect

Clyatt: The earlier discussion I mean

Clyatt: Sailing definitely more fun though :

Bachinski: Salle: he was adamantly opposed to considering any other POV

Decoux: Wow, that was idiocy.

Obiano: So to “outsource” a mysql server im going to use socat and an ssh tunnel, thats all working fine. – now i wonder what else i need to disable/deadlink like the mysql_upgrade process things debian does and similar.

Obiano: New p***words for sql-root & the update user, so it would fail anyway, but i wonder if just freezing the mysqld packages on the old host is all i need

Bachinski: Decoux:

Obiano: So in my mysqldump i have a table showing up with a linebreak in its name

Astolfi: Obiano: Try dumping the schema with no data or even just that one table schema. Post the result somewhere.

Obiano: Its a no data dump, it keeps the break, they are even on my filesystem as it seems 😀

Noris: Obiano: show create table tblnameG result would be interesting to see.

Obiano: 9822_ekomi_customers.frm and 9822?_ekomi_customers.frm show up in a ls -l

Czarnik: Obiano: The table is really named badly?

Lovitz: Obiano: That’s two different tables.

Chaderton: Obiano: So you have an application that creates tables dynamically?

Obiano: Yeps. how the heck did someone manage to create a table with a linebreak in its name. jesus. i hate the CC team :F

Malave: Obiano: I suspect your application is responsivle.

Regnier: Obiano: The database will do whatever you tell it, through the API.

Obiano: Sanity check pls. 😀 but yay, can i just rename the broken one as long as i put the name in correctly? and then delete it with a “sefe name” after?

Schwering: Obiano: The other way to do it is to dump everything but that bad table and then drop / recraete the entire database.

Obiano: Shutdown, delete myisamfiles, startup works as well i guess?

Obiano: I also havehad tables with spaces, and even one with a TAB in the name. – both seems to bunk mysqldump.

Obiano: Lock tables on those fail, needs –skip-locks to get data ;D

Wires: I have a query like this

Easdon: Hi guys, is there a way to import all the users, p***words, etc. from a mysql database and putting it in another, without regexes and stuff like that

Arkema: Whats the most efficient way to “mysqldump mysql” to clone a database?

Daignault: And it is an left outer join I got only records where tooltip is filled in

Decoux: Medfly: pt-show-grants ?