Well, to be accurate, the.

Vavricka: Or if someone compromises your servers

Rackers: Or any number of things

Beans: If the core funcitonality of the app doesnt reside within the app, you’re opening the door up to a lot of potential issues

Reetz: Google store would probably have an issue with it as well, they changed their policies a few months ago

Lazusky: Drej, then why phonegap is still a success in ios and android?

Huszar: Phonegap’s intent is to host the html/css/js files within the app

Heather: The data points apis can be hosted remotely, of course

Chow: So you can do everything you want, minus “I will be able to change design and functionality of app from web server”

Haroldsen: Drej, can you give reference to that rule? drej google store would probably have an issue with it as well, they changed their policies a few months ago

Leppert: Probably somewhere in here http://developer.android.com/guide/webapps/index.html

Barett: Https://play.google.com/apps/publish/

Brender: And read through all kinds of info there too

Bendele: Drej, but I cant see any policy of android that dissallows total app in webview streaming from webserver

Schwegel: Then the part where i said “would probably” was incorrect

Pinkey: If youre going to be deploying it on android only

Boland: Then build it natively

Takashima: Drej, plan to make it for android for now and ios for later

Flickinger: But I did heard strict things in iOS world for such webviews

Parda: Beginner question about loops and creating elements, please help: http://jsbin.com/hobutibuvi/edit?html,js,console,output

Newbert: Voltair3: $’ul’.append’li./lili./li’.appendTo’body’

Underwood: Hey there! could somebody help me to get this working? http://jsfiddle.net/r91Ly0oc/13/ thanks

Pacas: Before i continue my work i wanted to check if this piece of code that i wrote is right http://pastebin.ca/3160766

Rathbun: Am i about to fetch through the list of inout boxed of the form inside that div having with an id being id_modal? 😮

Palowoda: Yes i just tested it with an alert, and it was true

Lapatra: Is there a way to reverse a jquery list?

Lapatra: Im googling and finding reverse but don’t seem to hav ethat.

Suyama: Lapatra isnt it reverse.sort?

Barvick: How would you test jquery DOM interaction?

Barvick: I mean like automated testing

Barvick: Would you really have like a mock dom?

Kwasny: Console.log$’#fruits’.$’.dots’.text

Couley: How can i access the id and then the cl***

Maclachlan: Django_: #frutis .dots

Hesterman: Using this: https://github.com/cheeriojs/cheerio

Vannatter: Woet: example does: $’.apple’, ‘#fruits’.text

Wetherell: That’s not what i said.

Blyler: There are no commas or apostrophes in what I said.

Sapardanis: I tried without commas

Aylesworth: Okay, so what is the code you tried after my answer?

Shirilla: That’s why that was my answer.

Orff: Woet: can you search via style=” ”

Lorquet: Django_: what are you actually trying to do?

Knappe: You shouldn’t do that.

Simpelo: Did you get permission?

Jetton: There’s nothing wrong about web scraping unless you use the info unethically or spam requests

Barvick: I can’t see anything wrong with scraping unless to do it you’re being a bit of an ***hat to the guy’s servers

Barvick: One thing to take some fruit from a guy’s front lawn, another to occupy his lawn with 40 dudes while you’re doing it

Jetton: Well, to be accurate, the guy would already be offering the fruit, and you’d be copying it. :3