Miklosk: shouldn’t be too.

Klose: Dangling links or not 😛

Signs: But you should consider what that thinking leads to

Panto: Giant unp****able bitmaps

Abe: It’s a slippery slope

Fodor: Things designed to be read are easier to read

Strapp: It all just depends on the project

Galvani: Anything big business or govt related will have to support all of the html5 features for screen readers

Pauker: Html5 has nothing to do with it over older html

Newmyer: And screen readers also have very little to do with it

Salmi: Screen readers are an idiotic way for people with vision issues to browse websites

Burzynski: But a text browser is not

Eisnaugle: And a text browsers needs text

Bonett: Have you taken any hci coures lately?

Demmert: They push it pretty hard these days

Foresta: Well, i just ***ume confirm to the new standards, rather than fight to hold my ground

Guagenti: It all actually it makes more sense to use the new elements. an article should be wrapped in an article tag, not a div, a nav, or a menu, in those, etc

Mouzas: Sure, if it’s an “article” to you, why not

Camble: Anything wrong with this? background:linear-gradientwhite, white, white, white, white, black;

Zieber: Not that I know of; http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

Selvidge: Reisio: is it obvious why I’m doing that?

Aitkins: To increase the white area?

Thiele: How do you make text more cross-device? e.g. making title/text take up a certain portion of the screen

Dahlhauser: I don’t use linear-gradient much, it might have params for measuring those out non-redundantly

Blint: Sigh. So there’s no simple way to have a video as background?

Eddins: You can use video as a background, no problem

Jackson: Eddins: but then you’ll have to set weird css options and stuff, instead of just body { background-image: . ;}

Eddins: And that’s an issue because…?

Kock: Where should I store my s*** files prior to processing? server or client directory? Or neither?

Eddins: Or #web if you’re asking how to structure a web project

Mangrum: Wtf. why can’t I cover the whole backgorund with an image?

Veneman: Background-size: cover

Kidane: Pempau: have you tried this? background: urlfoo.png center no-repeat

Debellis: I have a question regarding flexbox: I was wondering if someone is able to explain what’s going on in this example https://jsfiddle.net/6oqey1tb/

Berks: I don’t get why it’s wrapping “this is some text” to the next line, and I don’t get why if it does, it leaves a space

Eddins: Daryl_: perhaps add some backgrounds to illustrate your point

Dulong: Https://jsfiddle.net/6oqey1tb/1/

Eddins: Daryl_: it’s wrapping because you are setting .f to wrap

Barren: That much I do know :

Vandeweert: Backgrounds actually help a lot

Mcgougan: I guess the real question is: what does 100% mean in this case

Kines: It seems like it puts the two divs next to each other, calculates the width, then makes the first one take up that amount of space?

Eddins: Flex-basis: 100%; IIRC

Eddins: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/CSS/flex yup

Terrace: I know it’s flex-basis

Hanzl: I mean, how does it calculate the 100%

Chanthasene: So it must be doing what I suggest

Wingert: Anyone can help me i want a nice green line loader progress in css

Broadstone: Http://github.hubspot.com/pace/docs/welcome/

Revells: But i cant understand how to setup in jsfiddle :

Amigo: Miklosk: shouldn’t be too hard