Kukielka: Find out what.

Mcclenon: Voce, awesome. Ačiū :

Whisenand: Croutch: So an entity set does not refer to a specific table in a database, but to “Movie” as a cl***ification?

Heximer: Miesco: Entity is term from Relational theory. In practice it is rarely used

Croutch: Well, a table usually is a model of the entity set

Dedicke: Mithani, it should be fine, cronjob just automates what you would do by hand

Heximer: Miesco: In practice we talk about Tables, Columns, Rows

Heximer: Miesco: What we call Tables in the theory is called Relation because it defines or describes the relation between entities and as such it also stores information regarding thos entities

Nuuanu: Croutch: So an entity is like an instance of a cl*** in c++, and entity set is like a cl*** in c++?

Heximer: Miesco: Be careful with ****ogies with cl***es and instances

Croutch: Miesco: yeah, pretty close

Rossing: Croutch: So if I saw a table ‘select * from movie’, this would NOT be an entity set, but rather a model of an entity set? The entity set would be the string “movie”?

Heximer: Miesco: movie is not a string in your example. It is a table

Croutch: It’ll return you all the entities you have information about.

Croutch: And your table is your model of the entity set of movies

Heximer: Miesco: You can think of a table as of cl*** definition and rows within the table as set of instances although it is better to avoid such ****ogy

Heximer: Miesco: You can think of a definition of a table as of .”

Heximer: Miesco: It is bad ****ogy because the properties of single entity can be scattered across multiple tables

Heximer: Miesco: If you design database for movies you will end up with at least 5-6 tables. Maybe more

Durrah: Okay thanks. One last question. Should one name an entity set with all lowercase, and should it be plural?

Helmsing: Miesco: pick a naming pattern, and be consistent

Motayen: Helmsing: Is it suppost to be “Star Wars” _is a_ movie? Or is it “Star Wars” _is in_ movies?

Heximer: Miesco: Entities are abstract.

Heximer: Miesco: “Star Wars” is mere string :

Heximer: Miesco: “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” is a name of particular movie which can be idenitified by particular Primary Key value. In imdb for example it sems to be “tt0076759”

Heximer: Miesco: “Star Wars” alone is ambiguous because it can refer to several different movies

Atherley: Hi, on another server, I got issues to get a mysqldump of a database that is corrupt.

Kukielka: I’ve got a database with ch****t=utf8, collation and characterset are utf8 utf8_general_ci too. now from stored procedure i’m getting: SQLSTATEHY000: General error: 1267 Illegal mix of collations latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT and utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE for operation ‘ifnull’ – how do i fix that?

Kukielka: I’ve also tried to recreate database after server reconfiguration & restart, but that didn’t help either :

Heximer: Kukielka: How exactly did you get this error and when?

Heximer: Kukielka: When creating the procedure or when CALLing it?

Teeples: Mysqldump: Couldn’t find table: “usr_web27_1.sql”

Heximer: Kukielka: That’s not even stored procedure, but stored function

Ngoun: Mysql -uroot -pR8VnXKCZ -e’SHOW DATABASES;’ grep web27 usr_web27_1

Kukielka: Salle, thats a function that calls a procedure actually :

Heximer: Kukielka: Pretty bad idea

Kukielka: Works and can’t be changed for now

Heximer: Kukielka: If you can’t change them you can’t fix the error :

Kukielka: Salle, i can’t change the overall structure, but i can change syntax

Heximer: Kukielka: Find out what statement returns that error and fix it. Most likely it depends implicitly on the connection character set