Croutch: So a “set entity”.

Sorrel: But 1M might be too small

Sermeno: Salle, I’ll try to define tmpdir=something as you suggested.

Heximer: Floogy: 1MB is too small for any practical purposes

Byro: Yes I have to moive the server to a decent one.

Eaglen: Salle: yeah I realised after it was just my gui pretending to rename it

Eaglen: So I switched to phpmyadmin and it did a better job

Heximer: Eaglen: switch to mysql cli and you will never see it pretending

Heximer: Eaglen: RENAME DATABASE was implemented once, but then removed because there are lot of problems with it

Ashlin: Salle: Sorry, I have no idea about that manual entry.

Heximer: Ah yes indeed it is not in 5.6 manual

Heximer: Eaglen:

Eaglen: But I really do find gui tools quicker to use except when I’m writing proper queries

Evens: Salle, thank you! tmpdir=/var/cache/mysql_temp solved it. – Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables.

Troha: Http://!9/9eecb7d/22250 – MySQL is saying that I am missing a Semi-Colon at line 24, however there clearly is one there. This code runs perfectly outside of a ‘create event’ but won’t run when side one?

Admas: Probably you have to change delimiter

Morentin: Mithani: look at second example in

Alrais: Voce: Tested, still the same result unfortunately.

Benevento: It’s in the link I posted for sqlfiddle

Atkison: Http://!9/9eecb7d/22250

Hone: It doesn’t run on sqlfiddle anyway, so it would be much easier to see it if you just used some pastebin service

Raya: Http://!9/9eecb7d/22252

Mock: Mithani: use ; inside your create event statement, use $$ to end it

Mccrohan: Mithani, “LOAD DATA is not allowed in stored procedures” –

Vigor: All the blue dots next to each command telling me that the code is correct disappear though. does that matter?

Garbe: So how do I automate a load and unload event?

Caponi: Hello. I need you ***istance. how can I make update work? I think gist explains logic I need. If you have any questions, ask. Thank you

Segui: Jkavalik: so if I run the .sql script with the import through a cron job it’s fine. just not through mysql’s own event scheduler?

Meysembourg: Hi. What is an entity?

Croutch: Is this an SQL or philosophical question?

Hlastala: I read the sailboat book, I read Ullman’s “A First Course In Database Systems”, and I do not know what an entity is.

Croutch: Http://

Vaine: Cerkauskas: add JOIN and GROUP BY

Feutz: Miesco:

Casilla: So, “Star Wars” would be an entity, and “Star Wars”, and “Gone With The Wind” would be part of the same entity set?

Pietrini: Then what is “Movie” an example of?

Heximer: Miesco: What is an line? :

Heximer: Miesco: What is a sheet?

Goolia: Voce, I updated update query in gist. However, it doesn’t like to be grouped by anything :/

Heximer: Miesco: In context of sailboats these two have very specific meaning which is way too different from their meaning in computing and SQL in particular. Sheets don’t exist in SQL

Heximer: Miesco: I don’t know recall “entity” being used in sailing though

Luhman: Cerkauskas: I added comment

Froebe: Croutch: There, Buffy is an example of an entity, and Buffy and Bowser are both in the entity set?

Dinneen: Croutch: So a “set entity” can refer to either a group of entities OR a entity category?