Indisarray Youve mustve.

Strotman: Arkooooo if you changed the main php.ini then you need to restart the web server

Leviner: Also do a phpinfo and check if it has taken

Collums: Hi! Is anyone free to help me with a wordpress problem?

Lamping: Indisarray ask your question and if someone knows the answer or a suggestion they will reply

Abdulkarim: Hey guys, can anyone advise/comment on how to handle multiple menu styles? i.e. if I wanted to package 2 or more different visual styles for any given wp generated menu, how would/should I do it? thanks

Arkell: Sorry, this is regarding a wp theme

Blankley: Can anyone tell me in php how to return the first value of an array generated by a function?

Ligonis: Depending on the array, obviously

Pretlow: Canestraro Thanks. Does that still apply if i’m using that value as a new element in a new array?

Esfahani: Hmmm. Before i was just using $function and i was getting ‘Array’ as the return. Now i’m using $function0 and i get no value at all

Columbia: Indisarray $data = function_nameparams; $data0;

Boga: Doesnt work in older phpversions though

Penfold: Returns error if $function doesnt return an array or deosnt contain an array with key 0

Lieurance: With $function0 the script couldn’t execute

Dupree: Indisarray Sounds liek you need $data = $function; echo $data0; or similiar then

Nater: There is no $ before the function name

Eggert: VectorX

Wydryck: I think i may not be using the correct vocabulary. if I have $data = $functionparam1, param2; I want to return param1

Puzo: Indisarray are you creating functions using create_function ?

Kuker: Indisarray return $param1; inside the function declaration

Batliner: VectorX I ***ume that he does since he said $function and not function

Whitchurch: But I may have missunderstood

Eichele: Or other anonymous way . .either way

Feehly: Mackynen same difference, i was ***uming he is defining them the regular way

Poss: VectorX I’m just editing a script. Will it help if I reference the exact function they have?

Cucufate: Indisarray What script are you using might help too

Misko: I’m editing WooDiscuz comments plugin

Augustus: And try to call a custom field from UserPro

Kreighbaum: Anyone knows why css pointer-events: auto; would’nt work? I have a swiper slider that has applied pointer-events: none; to all slides but the active one, meaning that only the active slide can have clickable buttons. However as I want to show two slides on the screen at a time, I want both slides to have pointer events enabled. I tried to over ride it in css, but that crashes all slider pointer events. Adding pointer-events: auto; to the slide el

Gaus: Ement in inspector works though. Any ideas anyone?

Gotter: Mackynen the woodisuz script grabs the display name, i’ve replaced that with an API call to UserPro, like this: if is_user_logged_in { $name = userpro_profile_data $display_name, $user_id ; }

Baginski: Then later on it creates an array for the new comment, like this: $new_commentdata = array ‘comment_author’ = $name,

Barillaro: But as it is like i’ve posted, I just get the return as Array

Marius: Do a print_r$name; to see the structure of the array

Morocco: So its probabaly not $name0

Beemon: Ahh okay, I’ll have a look

Longpre: I’m using this as the function reference by the way: I can’t see anything about arrays there though

Stang: Indisarray Eeh, try ‘display_name’ isntead of $display_name

Reninger: Mackynen i get this in the console Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token S

Kawata: Indisarray Youve mustve accidetnly added an S somewhere outside anything