JesusTheHun, SELECT host.

Sabagh: Or fix behavour of ctrl-w

Sabagh: Http://

Fullen: Boleware: yep, xy. I have a query. INSERT INTO b a_id SELECT FROM a LEFT JOIN b ON = b.a_id WHERE b.a_id IS NULL;

Oclair: Boleware: when i run this query from 2 clients at same time, coult table b have duplicates?

Baldini: So could scenarion: “1 Client 1 do select; 2 Client 2 do select; 3 Client 1 do insert 4 Client 2 do insert” be possible?

Sabagh: Http:// # finally!

Beneke: Geter: it probably is, try it and see

Asebedo: For answer my querstion i must know how mysql works under the huge.

Sabagh: I’m going back to the old client, this editline is killing me

Alexandropoul: I already built mysql from sources and play with eclipse/gdb debugger with it.

Hosler: But it is diffucult to understant how it works after a connections handling =.

Sabagh: Geter: if you do query to a temp table, then do insert to avoid dupes?

Lucien: Sabagh: to avoid duplicates i have unique index in table b;

Sabagh: OK, so just insert ignore from temp table

Sabagh: How do I point cmake at my copy of readline?

Piscitelli: Sabagh:

Gerveler: Whether to use the readline library bundled with the distribution.

Helmich: Maybe you could just replace / resymlink new readline instead of bundled? =

Sittman: Sabagh: currently i do INSERT INTO x SELECT FOR UPDATE. It workds

Altvater: But i dont want to lock table A.

Glory: INSERT IGNORE may help. I try.

Sabagh: Geter: that’s 5.5, I want 5.6

Waner: You could see to cmake files of 5.5 ti understand how do it in 5.6 with hands =


Adelmund: Mysql tells me “column ‘nb’ in field list is ambiguous” , this column being in a “on duplicate key update” statement , I struggle with these kind of error very often in a “on duplicate” statement, can someone explain me what’s wrong in this query :

Sabagh: JesusTheHun: prefix the column name with the table name at a guess

Oropeza: Sabagh: the obvious guess 😀

Omura: Already done in 1st post

Sabagh: The query you pasted doesn’t prefix the column

Burgener: Ok I tried an alias, receiving an error


Wesch: P***ing the full name works

Brough: I don’t understand why is that

Sabagh: Column ‘nb’ in field list is ambiguous

Beske: I mean, VALUESX being the column value

Brea: It’s not ambiguous at all

Fitchett: There is only one possibility

Calcaterra: Can’t come from the select statement because it would be using VALUES

Closter: Can’t come from another table because it’s not allowed

Rodriguez: JesusTheHun: ambiguous means that it exists in 2 tables

Stefl: The fact you are joining 3 tables makes it extremely likely there is some duplicate nb that exists. we don’t have your schema to say why

Diggs: Just specify which one you want

Sutera: Xemdetia: you can’t pick a column that is not returned by the select statement can you ?

Furutani: Xemdetia, hey you alright ? I specified ssl-cipher in mysqld config file, and it worked right away =

Naone: Wrksx, yeah I ran into that same problem myself

Blasz: JesusTheHun, why can’t you?

Oshey: JesusTheHun, SELECT host FROM mysql.user WHERE User=’xemdetia’; works perfectly fine